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Dec 2, 2021

Chic Sparrow Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for an artist, writer, planner or professional, a leather notebook cover is a practical, thoughtful gift. We put passion, care and mindfulness into producing each product, and we hope that our leather goods inspire your creativity.

Aug 18, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Sam Plans

Chic Sparrow is featuring Sam Kelley on the Artist Spotlight Series. Sam has been active in the planner and journal community on Youtube and Instagram.

Aug 4, 2021

August Writing Prompts: 5 Journaling Techniques

Do you ever feel stuck in a journaling routine, or experience dreaded writer’s block? In August, try using different journaling techniques to spice up your writing practice. Each week, experiment with a new method to see the changes in how you express yourself.

Jul 29, 2021

Artist Spotlight: My Life Mits

This Artist Spotlight focuses on My Life Mits and her thriving online community. Mits has been sharing her planning & journaling content online for years, and you’ve likely run into her on Instagram and Youtube. She also sells a variety of special stationary products on her website, The Stationary Selection. 

Jul 21, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Miss Vicky Bee

This Artist Spotlight shines on Vicky Parrilli, A.K.A. MissVickybee on Youtube. She shares a beautiful story about how journaling allows her to release what is in her heart and mind. Writing and doodling helps her remember special moments with her kids, friends and pets. 

Jul 14, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Carie Harling

This week, we're featuring Carie Harling and her innovative planning style. Carie has been a Chic Sparrow friend and collector for many years, and you'll often see our notebook covers featured in her Instagram and Youtube content. Read on to learn about her story and creative process!

Jun 3, 2021

June Journaling Prompts & Giveaway

Follow the weekly 2021 June Journaling Prompts, inspired by Great Outdoors Month. These writing prompts encourage you to get outside and explore.
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