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August Writing Prompts: 5 Journaling Techniques

August Writing Prompts: 5 Journaling Techniques

Do you ever feel stuck in a journaling routine, or experience dreaded writer’s block? In August, try using different journaling techniques to spice up your writing practice. Each week, experiment with a new method to see the changes in how you express yourself.

You may find that art journaling is fun when you don’t want to write, or that gratitude journaling cheers you up on a sad day. You can also try vision journaling at the end of every month to set yourself up for success going forward. 

Which Journaling Techniques resonate with you? Let us know in the comments or post your journal pages on Instagram / Facebook with the hashtag #thesparrowblog and tag @chicsparrow so we can see what you create!


5 Fun Journaling Techniques

Week 1 (August 1st - 7th): Mindfulness Journaling

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in your mind and body. Instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, mindfulness journaling helps us stay present and alive in each moment. With practice, you’ll notice when your mind is drifting away, and you can consciously bring it back to the present each time. Try using these journal prompts to get started:

  • Did you notice a physical response to emotions, stress or relaxation today?
  • Describe a time when you felt completely “in the moment” today.
  • Try going for a walk and writing about things you see or experience outside.

Week 2 (August 8th - 14th): Art Journaling

The idea behind art journaling is “creative play.” Somewhere between a sketchbook, scrapbook and traditional journal, the art journal is focused on images, rather than words. 

Even if you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, there are plenty of ways to fill up your art journal pages. From abstract coloring to paper collaging, try to find a style that makes you feel creative and artistic, without worrying about how the finished product will look. Search on Pinterest or Youtube for art journal inspiration to find a style that appeals to you!

Visit the Chic Sparrow Pinterest to see Art Journaling Ideas!

Miss Vicky Bee infuses art journaling into their daily practice.

Travelers Notebook Gratitude Journal

Week 3 (August 15th - 21st): Gratitude Journaling

Sometimes it can be helpful to “vent” when journaling, but this can also lead to anxious rumination. Instead, try starting and ending your day with gratitude journaling this week. By writing down 3 things you are grateful for in the morning and night, it can dramatically shift your perspective on life. 

Try gratitude journaling by writing a few things you are thankful for, and a short description of each.  Focusing on things you are thankful for will help you re-evaluate what’s truly important and how blessed you are. 

Read the “Reflect With Raksha” Artist Spotlight to see how she approaches journaling!

Morning Pages Journal

Week 4 (August 22nd - 28th): The Morning Pages

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is an amazing book for reigniting your creative passion. Part of this process includes daily morning pages, a tool that allows your thoughts to flow through journaling. This process is also referred to as free writing or stream of consciousness writing. The pages can include writing, drawing, lists and anything your mind comes up with!

Julia recommends waking up 30 minutes early and writing 3 morning pages, but that process may be too ambitious if you have a busy schedule. Instead, try adapting this to your needs. You can write “Night Pages” or simply write 1 page in the morning, whatever method works for you! The goal is to get your thoughts out of your head and directly onto the page. 

Vision Journaling Travelers Notebook

Thinking (and writing) outside of the box can be challenging, especially when we’re experiencing writer’s block. Sometimes it’s fun to challenge ourselves and see what we can create when there is a new framework. 

How was your experience using different journaling methods? Will you use any of these journaling techniques going forward? 

Let us know how these different writing styles worked for you! Post your journal pages on Instagram or Facebook with #thesparrowblog hashtag to share your beautiful creations! (Be sure to tag @chicsparrow while you’re at it!)

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