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Artist Spotlight: Miss Vicky Bee

Artist Spotlight: Miss Vicky Bee

This Artist Spotlight shines on Vicky Parrilli, A.K.A. MissVickybee on Youtube. She shares a beautiful story about how journaling allows her to release what is in her heart and mind. Writing and doodling helps her remember special moments with her kids, friends and pets. Read on to be inspired by her heartfelt approach to journaling. 


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MissVickyBee Planning and Journaling

Journaling & Creativity

Describe your journaling & planning history. How long have you been doing it?

I have been journaling since I was 7 years old. I still have some of the notebooks from when I was a little girl. The earliest journal I own is from when I was 9 years old. There is a little kitten on the cover and I wrote about my summer days and what my sister and I did. Some of the decor that I used is still the way that I document pages in my journals. I would draw a banner on the page to mark a significant occasion. If it was a particularly hot day, I would draw a sizzling sun, or for a birthday I would put balloons. I still do this, especially if it’s an entry I want to remember.

Journaling is the only way I am able to process what’s in my head. It’s a way to cool off if I’m angry, a shoulder to cry on, someone I can gush to, and I am never judged. Journals have been my best friends since I could write. I used to feel like I was always watching others live their lives and wrote about what I wanted to be one day. I would dream and imagine in my journals what I wanted my life to look like. I was such a shy kid, and journaling was a place I turned to for everything! To this day, I can always count on my journals and I turn to them for everything!

How does planning & journaling help you stay focused and productive?

Planning and journaling gets everything out of my head and heart. We have so much going on in our heads. I have to write what’s in my heart every day, and everything I want to do needs to be written down as well. If you don’t then things loose their clarity. Once everything is out I can clearly look at my day and what’s in front of me. I always carry a notebook and write it down. By writing everything down I can move on and make room for more!

What are your favorite stationery products to use when journaling?

I love beautiful paper and pens. When you have a fountain pen with flowing ink and smooth paper that takes the ink perfectly, it’s almost like therapy. I could write forever. The pen is like an extension of my hand and everything just flows. I need pen friendly paper and a nice heavy fountain pen with a broad or stub nib!

Miss Vicky Bee Journaling

What inspires your creativity?

Life, everything around me in inspiring. When I had my first daughter I couldn’t get enough documenting of her. Even after having three kids, I love documenting everything they do, from the stories they tell me to the absolute mess they make. I love to draw what our rooms look like in the house. I take about 25 pictures a day and love to look back and write or draw about them. I take pictures of their little hands and feet. I take pictures of my dogs when they sleep. After losing Hankie (12 year old German Shepherd) nearly 2 years ago, I appreciate pictures and video so much more. Every doodle, picture and video helps keep his memory closer to my heart. It’s incredible how one picture, doodle or journal entry can make those memories feel like they just happened yesterday. When you stop and look, you will be amazed at the beauty that is all around you.

Community & Self Care

What is your favorite way to stay connected with the journaling community?

The journaling community is so important to me. I turned to YouTube after having my first daughter, needing a community to help me battle feeling alone. People in the community helped me feel like I was a part of something. I finally felt like I found my people! I love sharing videos and pictures. The quickest way to share something is on Instagram. I love having dialogue with everyone each time I post something. I love my Patreon as well. It’s a wonderful way for me to feel like I have an intimate community and tons of friends around the world.

What does social wellness mean to you?

I love to bring awareness to this topic. I think social wellness is incredibly important. There are a couple of reasons for this. I am someone who did not love myself growing up. I was a shy and overweight kid. No one in my family looked like me. I went on an incredible journey in college and met people who helped me come out of my shell and become I became who I am today. Journaling can be a life saver when it comes to your health. Over the years, my journals have brought me clarity during some of the darkest times in my life. It’s important to love yourself because you aren’t here by mistake, you are important!

Miss Vicky Bee Journaling

Other than journaling, what are some of your favorite self care practices?

I love to run and workout. I love to read. Both of these activities are times just for me, alone time with myself. Sometimes I feel like I am selfish and should be spending that time doing something for my family, but if I am not mentally happy than I really am no good for them. I need to be my best so that I can take care of others. Running and working out helps clear my mind and recenter me. Reading is one of the best ways that I can escape. I love being fully invested in a book series and feeling like they are a part of my life. I can only dedicate a half hour to each, but even that short amount of time is a great way to recharge!

What is your favorite way to stay connected with friends?

I love sending a random group text whenever I think of my friends. I go through pictures all the time, and I love sending old pictures to my friends. Any time a memory pops up in my head, I look for a picture to share. Memories and sharing experiences are my favorite way to keep in touch.

Reflect & Look Ahead

How has your creative process evolved over the past year?

A lot of my focus has been on documenting current events. With so many changes that are happening, it’s important to keep a record of everything. Living through a pandemic is a surreal experience and I documented daily. I want my future self, kids and grandkids to read about it. My focus has been on capturing headlines and my reactions to them. How we are living our life and trying to be grateful for everything! There are things happening right now that are changing history, so most of my process has been focused on documenting it all.

Looking ahead, where do you see yourself 1 year in the future? How will journaling help you achieve these goals?

Looking ahead, I look forward to using more journals and planners! I love filling up my notebooks and trying new things. I have been dabbling with digital journaling and in December, I plan on printing it out to have a hard copy. I have never done any of my kids scrapbooks this way. I made the decision because it’s so quick and easy for me to use this format and I can make multiple copies. I have three kids and often I wonder who will get what journal? If I am able to print multiples then I can give each of them a copy!

Miss Vicky Bee Artist Bio

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Love what you said about journaling and im new, love to lern a los.

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