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June Journaling Prompts & Giveaway

June Journaling Prompts & Giveaway

June is a month for transitions. It’s the first month of summer and the beginning of vacation for students. It’s also Great Outdoors Month in the USA, which inspires us to seek adventures and enjoy natural beauty. This month’s writing prompts feature 5 topics to help you process the transitions happening around us and seek new experiences.  


To introduce The Sparrow Blog, we are hosting a notebook cover giveaway! Read the June Journaling Prompts blog post, and follow along with the weekly writing prompts. 

After writing about the prompt, submit a photo of your journal page and your contact info to be entered in the drawing. Please only submit stories that you don’t mind being read by others or shared publicly, we may post the winning journal photo on the blog/social media.

Submit a photo of your journal page through Google Forms to be entered in a random drawing for a free Happy Accidents notebook (You choose the size, CS selects the style/color). 

Submit your responses by Wednesday, June 30th to be entered in the drawing. The winner will be selected on Thursday, July 1st, 2021. Chic Sparrow will contact the winner by email, and and they will be announced in the July Journaling Prompts blog post and on social media.

Gray leather travelers notebook covers. Person holding journal covers.


Week 1 Writing Prompt: June 1st-5th 

What are some ways to transition from spring to summer? (Cleaning, wardrobe changes, etc.) After doing the activity, write about how it made you feel after you completed the task.

The weather is heating up and the seasons are shifting. Clearing out winter coats and snow boots makes space for summer gear and outdoor adventures. Writing about the transition process will help you approach the new season with appreciation and organization.  

Week 2 Writing Prompt: June 6th-12th 

How does journaling help you through periods of change? Can you write outdoors to spice up your writing routine?

This writing prompt helps you reflect on the impact of journaling as part of a self care practice. Think about how you can combine the outdoors and your writing or illustration practice. Try going to a park and writing from a picnic blanket, or go for a hike and find a quiet place to sketch what you see. 

Week 3 Writing Prompt: June 13th - 19th  

Writing Prompt: Plan your fantasy summer vacation to a national park. Where would you go and why? What about that location inspires you?

Whether it’s a new destination or an old favorite, think about a national park or natural wonder that you would like to visit. Spend some time looking at photos and planning your dream summer vacation. What is it about the region and landscape that entices you?

Week 4 Writing Prompt: June 20th - 26th 

Writing Prompt: Reflect on the past month and any outdoor adventures you went on. Does being outside help improve your mood? Do you notice any personal changes happening because of spending more time outside?

Think about how spending more time outside affects your life. Going outdoors does wonders for mental health. It’s a proven way to reduce anxiety and stress, while making you feel more energized. Even a walk around the block can boost creativity and inspiration. 

Week 5 Writing Prompt: June 27th - 30th 

Writing Prompt: What are you proud of accomplishing this month? Did you meet the goals you set at the beginning? What are you looking forward to next month?

Celebrating your successes is a great way to reward yourself at the end of the month. Even if you didn’t check off every item on your to-do list, congratulate yourself for the things you did accomplish. Keep up the motivation by planning what you want to achieve in July, 2021. 

Tan leather notebook cover. Person holding leather journal cover.


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Aly @ Chic Sparrow - June 16, 2021

Hi Kathy,
Glad to hear that you like the journaling prompts! It is a new project (starting in June 2021) that we will continue every month. We will keep everyone updated via email and social media. Thanks for your support!

Kathy Stutzman - June 16, 2021

Do you have journaling prompts for the first part of 2021? Or is this something new? I would love to get your journaling ideas!

Aly @ Chic Sparrow - June 9, 2021

Hi Sheila,
Unfortunately we are sold out of the Vesper Lara Bag and don’t have more of that leather in inventory. However, we will make the Lara Bag in different colors in the future. Please sign up for our email list & follow on social media for product updates and new releases! Thanks for shopping at Chic Sparrow!

Sheila Stacey - June 9, 2021

VESPER | THE LARA … Any chance of this bag coming back? I hope it does, I am dreaming of this color for Fall..

Thank you,

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