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Chic Sparrow, Inc. Warranty Policy


This warranty applies exclusively to Chic Sparrow, Inc. journal covers, folios, and bags. This warranty will be voided if the customer alters or modifies the product; only original Chic Sparrow workmanship is covered. Chic Sparrow will repair or replace products with any manufacturing defects at their discretion without charge. The warranty term is the lifetime of the product, as described below. 


Items bought by the original owner are covered by this warranty for the lifetime of the product with proof of purchase. The customer must submit their original order number to claim the warranty. Products bought from other customers through Buy/Sell/Trade groups, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, etc. are not covered.

This warranty does not cover damage due to external causes including damage by accident, shipping, improper care, negligence, modification, normal wear and tear, and natural breakdown of colors and leather over extended time and use. Normal wear and tear is damage to the product such as rips, tears, abrasions, UV degradation, misuse, or neglect. However, Chic Sparrow may repair non-covered damages for a reasonable rate plus shipping.

Altering an item from its original state voids this warranty. Any product that is not otherwise original work done by Chic Sparrow is not eligible to be claimed under this warranty. This includes products that have been rolled, taken apart and reconstructed, the stitching was removed and restitched, or had products not intended for leather (ex. cooking oil) applied.


Chic Sparrow covers defects and malfunctions in regard to construction and hardware. Material, component, or workmanship defects are covered for the lifetime of the product. Materials and components include defective or broken zippers, buckles, and rivets. Workmanship refers to problems with seams and the general construction of the product.


The duration of the “product life” includes but is not limited to leather condition and extended use. Leather that is discolored, degraded, or the finish has faded or deteriorated may have met the end of its “product life”. If a major component such as a zipper, rivet, or handle fails due to extended use, we may determine that the product has met its full “life cycle”.

Note that leather goods do wear out and will eventually need to be replaced. Normal wear and tear is how an item wears down as expected when it is being used over an extended period of time. This is the natural life cycle of consumer products. A well loved item may not be under warranty, it might simply be time to replace it. Contact Chic Sparrow’s Customer Care to see if your well loved item is still eligible to be covered by this warranty.