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Join the Journaling Community

Join the Journaling Community

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, everyone needs community. People who can relate to your values and experiences. People who can inspire and collaborate with you.

Chic Sparrow started in 2014, and ever since then, our journaling community has grown alongside the brand. It’s so fun to see familiar faces engaging and communicating across our social media platforms and see how everyone uses their travelers notebooks differently.

It is beautiful that people all over the globe are collaborating online and building micro communities based around our travelers notebooks. We love sharing our knowledge about leather and journaling with our community.

Writing in Leather Travelers Notebooks

Different Journaling Techniques

Do you keep an art journal or schedule every hour of your day? Do you love stickers and ephemera or prefer a minimalist setup? No matter your taste, the goal is the same: to express what is in your head and heart on paper.

We can learn something new from everyone we interact with. Watching how someone else does their bujo layout or illustrates their pages is a great way to get inspired and learn new techniques. Be sure to comment, like and subscribe to your favorite channels to stay engaged and support their content.

Find A Common Ground

When you meet like-minded people, it helps grow your connection because you’re starting from common ground. Your volunteer group or school peers can be a starting point to engage with others and delve deeper into a specific topic.

Try going to an art museum and taking notes as you cruise the gallery, or going on a hike and drawing what you see. To build community, invite a friend to come along and journal in a specific place with you. Compare notes at the end to see what stood out to the other person.

5 Tips to Build a Journaling Community

    • Social Media: Even if you like to browse rather than post, there are countless ways to engage with other journal community members online. Following your favorite planner influencers or joining a specific group, like the Chic Sparrow 2.0 Facebook group, is a great way to connect with others about journaling. (Check the "Groups" section on the CS Facebook page to join!)

    • Follow Journaling Prompts: Got writers block? It happens to the best of us. Try using writing prompts to get you out of the rut. Check out the Chic Sparrow weekly journaling prompts to spice up your journaling practice. Read the July Journaling Prompts on The Sparrow Blog here.

    • Do Challenges With Your Friends: When we have accountability partners, it makes us motivated to stay productive. If you are trying to achieve a goal, whether it’s exercising every day or writing in your journal daily, try asking a friend to check-in and discuss your goals. This will help keep both people accountable and deepen your relationship.

    • Support Small Businesses: Do you love discovering unique small businesses? Show them support by purchasing their products and sharing their content on social media. If you love what you bought, give them a positive review on their website, feedback is important for businesses and new customers alike!

    • Start a New Group: When you have a hobby but no one to share it with, it can feel isolating. If you want to grow a new community, try starting a local group via Meetup & Nextdoor, or try starting a Facebook Group that focuses on your niche. You can even start a new blog or social media handle to share your hobby with others.

How do You Connect With Others?

July is social wellness month in the USA, and we want to make sure we’re actively growing relationships with our customers. What are your favorite ways to connect with the journaling community? Are there any specific content creators that you like to follow? What kinds of content would you like to see from us? Let us know in the comments!

Leather and Friends

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