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Plan With Me: June 2021

Plan With Me: June 2021

This month, we are featuring a notebook cover in a new color from the Express Collection: Atlantic! This lightweight blue leather notebook cover has a crackled, textured surface with lots of character. The vibrant blue notebook cover is easy to find, whether you toss it in a suitcase or keep it on a bookshelf. 

You can purchase the journal cover in Cascade, Folio, No. 7, Weekly and Cascade Weekly styles. Shop the Express Collection Here:

Blue Leather Notebook Cover


June is National Great Outdoors Month, so we are celebrating the organic beauty of nature. The cover page for the June Plan With Me is inspired by leaves and we hope it motivates you to get outside and explore!

June Plan With Me Cover Page

Sketch the cover page illustration: 

  • Find the center point on the page
  • Align a coffee mug or glass at the center point, trace around the perimeter
  • Sketch out the June text and erase the middle right area of the circle
  • Add a leaf / vine illustration around the circle


Starting from the center of the notebook, draw a grid of 15 columns on each side and number the top boxes for the dates of the month. On the left side, write the habits that you want to track. On the right, add a space for notes and incorporate the leaf motif.  

Because June is National Great Outdoors month and the weather is warming up, use your habit tracker to note how often you get outside. Getting outside is known to provide a mood boost and promote creative inspiration. 

Now is a good time to track your money habits as well. Keep a record of your daily spending, expense categories (restaurants, entertainment, groceries etc.) and saving for big purchases (ex. road trips and summer vacations). Tracking this will help you stay aware of where your money is going. 

June Plan With Me Habit Tracker


By using 2 different monthly calendar formats, you can separate tasks by category and organize your plans. On the left hand page, draw a simple vertical or horizontal calendar. This example uses 3 x 5 squares. On the right hand page, draw a list of the days in the month (day/date). Separate the weeks with lines, so you know what week you are planning in. Use the blank space below for notes or doodles. 

When planning out the upcoming month, don’t go overboard on your to-do list. Instead of maxing out your calendar, choose 5-10 things that you want to focus on. These could be career goals, ideas for personal development, or projects that you want to work on. As you complete the tasks, add more if they come up. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins! Any time you finish a project or meet a goal, record it in the “Success” area. 

June Plan With Me Monthly Calendar Layout


For the weekly planner layout, arrange the weekday columns on the left page, and the weekend days on the right. Each of the grids are 26 columns x 7 rows, dated on the left hand side. Under the weekend dates, use this space to record your to-do list, goals and projects for the week. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes; anytime you finish a project or meet a goal, record it!

June Plan With Me Weekly Calendar Layout


Have you heard about the June Journaling Prompts giveaway? For every journal prompt you complete, take a photo and upload it to Google Forms. Each submission will count as 1 giveaway entry (up to 5 submissions, one per weekly prompt). We will randomly select the winner on Thursday, July 1st, 2021. Check out the blog post for details. 

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