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December Journaling Prompts

December Journaling Prompts

 At Chic Sparrow, something that fuels us creatively is knowing that we are able to share our love of writing with people all over the world. 

We love inspiring others, which is why we’re sharing our collection of December Journaling Prompts with you. The holiday season is always a busy time of year, so don’t worry about fitting these into a specific schedule. Instead, pick topics that resonate with you and write about it in your spare time this month. 

2021 marks the end of Chic Sparrow’s 7th business anniversary, so we curated a list of 7 journaling prompts to finish the year. Get cozy with your favorite leather travelers notebook, journal and fountain pen, and start writing your story!

Journaling in the Winter

1. What is the best intangible gift you’ve ever received?

Material gifts are important, but sometimes the memory of a non-material gift can be even sweeter. Whether you were given a plane ticket, an unforgettable experience, or surprise good news, sometimes intangible gifts are the most special. Sometimes these gifts can truly change your life, even if you can’t physically see them. Try journaling about your memory of this gift, how it was given, and how it made you feel. 

2. What is the best gift you’ve ever given?

There’s something so satisfying about giving a gift that lights up someone’s face. Write about the best gift you’ve ever given, and how the recipient’s gratitude made you feel. Do you know someone who would benefit from a journaling or planning practice? Check our our Holiday Gift Guide to shop some of our favorite gift ideas. 

3. How do you utilize journaling as a mental health practice during busy times? 

Sometimes, the simple act of writing can be so therapeutic. It’s no wonder why journaling is one of the cornerstones of self-care. Not only does writing help you process stressful situations, it can also help you focus on the positives. By making gratitude journaling a daily practice, you can re-frame your thought patterns and improve your outlook. Check out these 5 different journaling techniques for more inspiration!

4. How did your goals evolve this year?

Did you make specific goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year? Without judgement, look at what you accomplished and write about it. If your goals changed or evolved this year, write about why that happened. Sometimes priorities shift over time, and that’s totally normal. Instead of feeling guilty about goals that you did or didn’t achieve, be kind to yourself and use that knowledge to plan for the year ahead.

5. What did you accomplish in the previous year?

Looking back at the prior year can be an emotional experience. Going back through your calendar, journal or to-do lists can help you recognize all of the successes that happen in a year. Reviewing and reflecting on that journey can be an enriching experience, and help you look at what you accomplished from a new perspective. That’s why journaling is so wonderful, it’s a snapshot in time that reminds you of daily life, and helps you move forward.

6. What projects will help you prepare for the upcoming year? 

Whether you’re pre-preparing for the 2022 tax season or planning your garden for the spring, winter is a great time to plan for the year ahead. If you’re in the journaling or planning community, you’re likely to feel more settled when you can have an outline for the future. Use this time wisely so you have a framework, but keep things flexible so you can handle changes. 

7. Write a letter to yourself, one year in the future

Forget New Year’s resolutions, try dreaming bigger! When you think about the year ahead, what personal goals do you want to accomplish? Imagine yourself achieving these goals, and how they will impact your life. Try writing a letter to yourself, one year in the future, after completing these tasks.

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