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10 Things You Didn't Know About the February Leather

10 Things You Didn't Know About the February Leather

Check out this video to see for yourself!

Fall in love with the February Limited Edition Leather from Chic Sparrow. Get ALL (or at least most of) your questions answered about what's expected and unexpected about this leather! February is fast approaching, and with it so is the limited edition leather! Here's everything you need to know about the February Leather coming out on February 1st, 2022 9:30 AM PST. Whether you're brand new to Chic Sparrow or you're a long-time customer read on! I've defined the leather-specific terms like this (just in case you're new and don't know what this term means!)


It's somewhere between burnt orange and oxblood. The color is comparable to a blood orange as well. Beautiful rich color, with pull-up (when you fold the leather there are lighter parts where the leather was folded)

February is an incredibly soft leather with beautiful natural variation. If you love this specific variation as seen in the video, be sure to request in your order notes:

"If possible, I'd love something with lots of creases and folds, like it's been on an adventure without me!" Our fulfillment team will do the best they can with what we have available!


Leather will vary in thickness, on average the February leather is 2-2.5 mm thick. It's about as thick as what the Austen collection used to be if you're a long-time fan! You can easily get the best of both worlds with February. It's thick and you don't have to wait for it to break in with time and use.

Not to talk down the beautiful Creme and Austen Collections, but those two collections do take time to break-in.


February comes in all our normal products. Cascade (the pocket configuration with vertical pockets on the left-hand side) Folio (covers designed for bound notebooks like Hobonichi, Leuchtturm1917, or Moleskine), and all the other products and sizes in-between.


Patina (the process of leather getting darker and softer with time, use, and exposure to light) is not something this leather does. With February, what you see is what you get, and what you get is gorgeous! This is Chrome Tanned (the process of tanning a bovine hide with salts, and oils).

This will easily last you 60-70 years of use!


It's closer to the color of the pull-up. It looks finished and sophisticated.


It has a soft to medium hand (how easy or difficult the leather is to fold in your hand, soft meaning very easy to handle, and hard meaning it'll take a while to break in and it's difficult in the beginning.) February isn't excessively floppy and soft like the Express, Ambition, or Waypoint Collections. But, it's not excessively firm like the Maverick or Scout Collections.

The overall texture is smooth and not slick, the variation does give the leather texture and tactile interest. There's the tiniest bit of grit to it too.

February will scuff easily, but they rub out just as easily!


Use a wipe that's designed for leather. Or alcohol-free baby wipes. You don't need to condition February at all but if you wish, use a very light leather conditioner. It should look like a light lotion. Leather conditioner will usually change the color of the leather, so look for one that says on the bottle that it won't change the color of the leather.


It has a very classic leather smell. Brand new cowboy boots, or like walking into a leather shop.


February doesn't have a high oil content so you won't be getting red on your clothes. There won't be any color transfer like with the Waypoint Collection.


Hearing about it is one thing but actually being able to feel this leather in your hands can instantly make it clear if this leather is right for you!

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