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Spencer | Callahan | Number 7

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Leather Texture & Character

*Product Features the Removable Pen Loop*

The strong silent type. Rustic in appearance yet soft and comforting to the touch. Accent your brash side and enjoy the way Spencer lends daring creativity to your planning…

  • Chrome-tanned, full-grain leather
  • Somewhat matte and smooth surface
  • Soft to medium hand
  • Surface scratches easily massage out
  • Color and texture varies between lots

                Travelers Notebook Design

                • Center spine closure
                • Topstitched, reinforced pockets
                • 4 elastic strands on all sizes
                • Approximately 1.8 - 2.3 mm thick 

                Nº7 Pocket Design

                • Lined with leather around the perimeter
                • Front: (A5 - 3 pockets) (B6 & Pocket - 2 pockets)
                • Front: Large pocket under the smaller pockets
                • Back: Full length pocket fits an insert or notebook
                • Please see illustration photos for more details

                  Shipping & Inventory

                  • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
                  • Limited Stock Available
                  • Made in the U.S.A.

                  Order Notes

                  Order notes are general requests. We always take them into consideration, however, we cannot guarantee specific leather variation. Thank you for understanding!

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