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Monthly Editions

Each month here at Chic Sparrow a new leather will be release.  These are limited runs and will not restock.

  • Kelley | Leather Sample - ChicSparrow

    Antique Brown | Leather Sample


    Leather Texture & Character: Chrome-tanned, flexible, full-grain leather Somewhat matte finish with a soft hand Color and texture vary  ...

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  • May | Nano - ChicSparrow

    May | Nano


    Leather Texture & Character Just in time for Spring, the fifth in Chic Sparrow’s series of monthly special releases brings this beautiful shade...

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  • Bella | Leather Sample - ChicSparrow
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    Bella | Leather Sample

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    Leather Texture & Character If you're looking for something that feels waxy and looks a little glossy, this is the leather for you. It come...

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