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Will My Notebook Fit in that Folio?

Will My Notebook Fit in that Folio?

Will My Notebook Fit in that Folio?

If you're new to Chic Sparrow, or need help deciding what size folio to buy, this is for you! 

Watch the YouTube video as Jennifer explains the steps involved in measuring a single notebook. Follow along to determine which Folio size is best for your notebook. Whether it’s a hardcover or softcover journal, the measuring steps are the same. 

Ultimately, you want to measure the perimeter of the book, including the front cover, spine and back cover (but not the open side). You will also need to measure the book height. 

Compare your measurements to the Chic Sparrow Size Chart to find the best fit for your book. Make sure to click on the "Folio" sizes instead of the standard Travelers Notebook sizes, because the measurements are different. 

Whether you choose a Classic Folio or a Cascade Folio, the measurements are the same. Our current folio sizes fit A5, B6, B6 Slim and A6 notebooks. 

Measuring Tape Instructions

  1. Calibrate your measuring tape by laying it against another ruler. Make sure the inches line up. Line it up at the 0 mark. (We use the Omnigrid) 
  2. Starting on the front, wrap your measuring tape around the front cover, spine and back cover. 
  3. Measure the height of the notebook.
  4. Compare your dimensions to the notebook cover height and width (Do not include the stitching seam allowance)

Paper Measuring Method

  1. Tape two narrow strips of paper together. Make sure they are straight.
  2. Holding the paper flush with the front cover edge, wrap the paper around the front, spine and back cover.
  3. Draw a line on the paper where the book cover ends.
  4. Measure the paper against a ruler and compare to the cover size.

Ruler Instructions

  1. If you have a straight wood or plastic ruler, use this method. Be careful to make sure the ruler and book don’t move while you measure.
  2. Lay the book facedown and line it up with the ruler edge. Note the measurement on the ruler. 
  3. Hold the book and ruler, and line it up at the first measurement. Rotate the book up to measure the spine. 
  4. Hold the book and ruler, lining it up at the second measurement. Lay the book face-up and take the third and final measurement. 
  5. Compare the size to the notebook cover.

BONUS: How to Prep a New Folio Notebook Cover

When a folio is brand new, some of the the glue from the production process may re-seal during storage and shipping. To open the area around the seams, use a flat, dull tool to remove excess glue. Starting at the 14:45 timestamp in the video above, learn how to prep a new folio before inserting your notebook.

If you don’t have a letter opener, you can use a ruler, butter knife, flat end of a spoon, or even an old credit card to gently open up the area around the stitches. Carefully run the tool along the inside edges of the folio on the front and back covers. After that, your notebook will slide into the book cover easily. 

Over time, even thicker leathers will relax and adopt to the shape of your notebook. This will make the folio uniquely yours. 

Featured Notebook: Crème Brûlée Cascade Folio

Leather Notebook Cover

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