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How to Choose a Leather Folio Cover

How to Choose a Leather Folio Cover

Leather Folio Notebook Cover Comparison

Earlier this year, we created a new design, the Cascade Folio in the Weekly Size. This style was extremely popular because it combines the pockets from the Cascade TN and the simplicity of our leather folio. After much customer demand, we expanded the Cascade Folio size range to fit a variety of notebooks.

Ultimately, the difference between the two leather folio designs are the front pockets. If you prefer a slim profile and don’t need extra pocket storage, the classic folio is a great fit. However, if you like to carry ephemera, business cards or stationary along with your notebook, the Cascade Folio is the way to go.

Folio Cover & Notebook Sizes

Wondering what folio size to buy? Watch the video above and learn how to measure your notebook to figure out what size is right for your journal.

PLEASE NOTE: Folio sizes are not equal to TN sizes. Please check the Size Chart and look at Folio sizes to confirm that you order the correct size. 

If you’re familiar with our original Folio sizes, you’ll notice that the Cascade Folios are exactly the same size, just with different pockets. Here are the approximate notebook cover dimensions when laying flat:

A5 Size Folio:
Height 9” x Width 13” (228mm x 330mm)
B6 Size Folio:
Height 7.7” x Width 11.7” (195mm x 297mm)
B6 Slim Size Folio:
Height 7.3” x Width 4.5” (195mm x 254mm)
A6 Size Folio:
Height 7.5” x Width 9.8” (175mm x 109mm)
Weekly Folio:
Height 7.4” x Width 3.7” (188mm x 94mm)

Brown Leather Folio Notebook Covers

What Fits in a Leather Folio?

These folio notebook covers are intended to fit a single notebook (hardcover or softcover) up to 1” thick. You can put both the front and back book covers in the slip pockets, or customize your leather folio cover by adding a TN style insert or using the pocket for storage.

Classic Folio Notebook Cover

- This style fits a single notebook up to 1” thick
- Slip Pockets: Slim profile with front & back slip pockets
- No Pen Loop 
- Metal closure on instead of knot, notebook lays flat
- Featured Notebook: Folio in Darcy Leather

Darcy Leather Folio Notebook Cover

Cascade Folio Notebook Cover Features

- This style fits a single notebook up to 1” thick
- Cascade Pockets: Front cover is slightly thicker & adds storage
- Metal closure instead of knot, notebook lays flat
- No Pen Loop
- Featured Notebook: Cascade Folio in Crème Brûlée Leather

Creme Brûlée Leather Folio Notebook Cover

Leather Options

Do you prefer thin or structured leathers? Typically, leather conforms to the items inside it and relaxes over time. However, this happens faster with thinner leathers. Depending on your preference, you can find the perfect cover for your notebook.

Structured Leathers: Crème, Austen, Maverick/Scout

Flexible Leather Examples: Artist, Waypoint, Carroll

Chic Sparrow Customer Service

Do you need help choosing the perfect leather or folio design? As always, please feel free to contact Chic Sparrow Customer Care via email ( or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram for assistance.

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