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Personalized Leather Gifts & Inscriptions

Personalized Leather Gifts & Inscriptions


Did you know that many Chic Sparrow leather goods can be personalized? From leather notebook covers to a coffee cup cozy, adding an inscription makes it even more special. Personalized leather gifts are a great way to commemorate an anniversary, graduation, or corporate retreat. Most of our leather notebook covers (except nano size) and cup collars can be inscribed. Watch this short video to learn more!


The text inscription template is 3 lines, with a max of 15 characters on each line, including spaces. With this amount of space, you can print up to 45 characters. After selecting your font, test your inscription length on the product page to see what you can fit on each line. Select from Gabrielle, Aubrey, or Goudy Cursive fonts.

Inscription Font Template for Travelers Notebooks
  • GABRIELLE: Smallest font size. A delicate serif font with a cursive effect. The lowercase letters are our smallest font size.
  • AUBREY: Large font size. A bold semi-serif font that is clean and easy to read. This font is best for all-caps inscriptions because it is the most legible. 
  • GOUDY CURSIVE: Medium font size. A stylized cursive font. With dramatic curls on the serif letters, this font has the effect of loopy handwriting. 

Please Note: We cannot inscribe special characters including symbols, emoticons, & emojis. However, simple characters like exclamation points, question marks, number signs, “and” symbols, and asterisks are allowed! ( ! , ?, #, &, * )


Unlike older methods used to personalize leather (like hand press embossing), Chic Sparrow uses pyrography to personalize leather goods. This method creates a precise inscription that looks clean and professional. 

We use the text directly from your order form, so your custom inscription will be printed exactly as you entered it. However, if there are any mis-spellings or if we need clarification, our customer service department will reach out to you. 

Please Note: Inscriptions show up differently on dark vs. light leather. Black and brown leather will have a more subtle inscription, while light leathers may have a more distinct inscription. In this photo, notice how the inscription blends into the leather color on the different brown surfaces.

Inscription text on brown leathers


Whether the grad is heading to college or the workforce, a beautiful leather notebook cover makes a great gift. Giving a personalized leather notebook cover with a blank journal inside will make the occasion memorable. Experiment with names, quotes, school name or graduation date.


You can personalize a leather notebook cover with a variety of text options. Printed names are the most popular inscription; whether you choose first & last, initials or a nickname is up to you! Try adding a special date, location or phone number to help identify your notebook cover. 

Name printed on leather


Within the 3 lines and a 15 character limit on each line, there are limitless ways to express your creativity. Whether you choose a quote from a favorite book, a scripture or a latin phrase, adding a quote will keep you inspired.  Experiment with the quote length and layout on the product page.

Custom quotes on leather notebook cover


Printing a company name or event title on a leather notebook cover is a great way to reinforce brand identity. Whether you’re looking for a corporate Christmas gift or commemorating a conference or event, a personalized leather gift is the perfect solution.

Company name printed on leather
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