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The Pen Sleeve


Say hello to a singular pen sleeve to protect your favorite pen and keep it safe. If you have a nice pen and don't want it to get scratched or scuffed or you don't want your pen to scratch or scuff your notebook cover then the pen sleeve is a great choice!

Bella Leather:

  • Semi-gloss
  • Smooth, waxy texture
  • Soft and pliable
  • Light pull-up: Base is dark brown pull up is dark chestnut
  • Has a distinct aroma


"Will this accommodate my pen?"

Most likely, Yes. Leather stretches and will mold to fit around most pens you put in it if they are about the size of the Lamy Safari or smaller, keep in mind that when you receive this brand new it will be hard to put in bigger barreled pens at first but will get easier with enough time and use. To break it in faster use this pen sleeve as a fidget toy and remove the pen from the sleeve as often as possible.

The pen is sold separately and right here in our shop so add the sleeve to your cart before clicking this link to see the pen!

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