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Orient | Express | Cascade

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Leather Texture & Character

Sit back and relax as the Express leather takes your senses on a luxurious ride. The elegant marbled surface is reminiscent of the cinematic landscape on a cross-country journey. Orient’s deep red tone is similar to glamorous cabin furnishings, offering comfort and beauty.

  • Chrome tanned flexible & lush leather
  • Somewhat shiny finish with a soft hand
  • Color and texture will vary between lots
  • This leather has a distinct chemical smell, those with sensitivity be advised

      Travelers Notebook Design

      • Center spine closure
      • Topstitched pockets
      • Stitched pen loop
      • 4 elastic strands on all sizes
      • See photo for stitching & elastic color
      • Approximately 1.4 - 1.57 mm thick
      • Made in the U.S.A.

      Cascade Pocket Design

      • Front: 3 vertical Cascade storage pockets
      • Front: Full length pocket behind Cascade pockets
      • Back: Secretarial pocket with pen loop
      • Please see illustration photos for more details

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          Order Notes

          Order notes are general requests. We always take them into consideration, however, we cannot guarantee specific leather variation. Thank you for understanding!

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 5 reviews
          Orient Express Cascade

          I love this leather! It’s so flexible and soft and “squishy”! It molds around my planner beautifully.

          Love this for my holiday planning and journaling

          The Orient|Express|Cascade that I purchased is wonderful for my holiday planning, journaling, to dos, brain dump, etc. I have four notebooks in it, either Field Notes and/or Moleskine. It's fun to play in it, I have made some folders and dashboards out of Christmas-y scrapbook papers. I am planning on using it into the new year as well, by changing the folders and dashboards, and, of course, new notebooks!
          Just a fun way to spend some of my retirement time!!!

          Niki C
          Nice leather and color but very flimsy

          Lovely color and markings. Bought a b6slim. Very disappointed this is so flimsy. It has zero structure and it just crumples. I regret buying this and should have stuck with the creme or mavericks.

          Hi Niki!
          Thanks for your review! I understand the disappointment about wanting more structure in your leather and this one not being a good fit for you. Generally you can gauge how structured a leather will be by the thickness, and the 'hand'. A soft hand leather with a thickness of 2 mm or less will generally be pretty pliable. If you'd like a structured red leather, it sounds like Diego, July, or Drummond would be a perfect fit for you! :)

          If you'd like any more help, have questions about the pliability of a leather before you purchase, or have any more feedback, feel free to contact customer care at :)

          - Mary

          Beautiful color

          I bought this mainly for the color as I like to change out my TN's for the seasons. This one will be perfect for Christmas and will also be great for Valentines day. It's extremely pliable and soft to the touch, and like that its not glossy but does have a slight shine which is lovely. Overall I'm happy with this purchase.

          This is a fun color.

          I purchased this and a huckleberry creme to add some color to my TN "wardrobe."
          This color is not normally a color I go for, or a leather I thought I would like, but I had to find a use for it. It is a cherry red color that reminds me of a favored dress I had years ago.
          The hand feel is pleasant malleable yet structured enough for me. Glad I took a chance on this one.