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Mystery Box


Experience the thrill of a surprise Mystery Box! Each box is filled with potential treasures that could be retired, second chance, or even brand-new items!

Every Mystery Box is valued more than its purchase price, giving you unbeatable value for your money. From any size TN(s) to stylish bags, anything could be in your box, making it a true adventure of discovery.

Don't worry about getting duplicate leathers in the same order. Each piece within a box will be completely unique from the others.

Our Mystery Boxes are pre-packaged by one of our expert team members even we don't know what's in them making them a true mystery. Don't leave order notes for Mystery Boxes, defeats the purpose and saps the fun out of it 🤗. Since these are pre-packaged order notes won't be honored anyway.

You'll receive a card in your order detailing the size book(s) and other items you receive so you can easily find inserts for your brand-new TN!

Order now and be delighted by the excitement and value our Mystery Boxes have to offer!


Mystery Boxes may contain prototypes, discontinued items, items that are less than perfect or have one off issues, and potentially overstock items.

It may arrive in an envelope or a box. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Gorgeous! The smell is dreamy and I love the quality.,

Cheryl Davis

I absolutely loved it. I received an A6 heritage Creme in Huckleberry. love it and a Pocket Cascade in sample leather that is a shiny dark sunflower color. it is soooo beautiful. I am very satisfied.

Jen Adam
best surprise I've ever given myself!

I ordered the silver box because I'm a writer and I can never have enough notebook covers, but I sometimes get too precious about them and afraid to "ruin" them. I thought leaving the selection up to chance and luck would make it easier for me to just enjoy whatever I got. And all I can say is WOW did I get lucky! I received 4 covers in different sizes, styles, and leathers, all BEAUTIFUL and all in perfect shape. I will DEFINITELY be using them for upcoming projects and I am so, so grateful to the team at Chic Sparrow for their generosity and care in selecting these surprise items. I could not be happier with this box and highly recommend it if you're willing to enjoy the experience of seeing what you get. :) Thank you again, Chic Sparrow. You absolutely made my day after a really tough week. <3 <3 <3

Stephanie L
Underwhelmed with Gold Box

Purchased the gold box after being extremely thrilled with my bronze and was disappointed. I felt like it was an inflated value and one of the items was considered a "unique" piece that seemed more like a sample bag that was not going to sell and was placed into the mystery box instead. I wasn't thrilled with the quality of one the leather covers either. I was hoping for a variety of TN sizes but received a bag and a few covers. I wouldn't recommend ordering the larger mystery boxes unless you're looking at trying a bag. I felt like this one was a waste of money and don't see me even being able to re-sell the items for what I paid. I would recommend the smaller boxes if you like the smaller size covers though. It would be nice for a larger mystery box option to only be TNs and not include bags. Still highly recommend their other products, but just really disappointed in this purchase especially at the price point.

Dear S.L,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We're truly sorry to hear that your experience with our Gold Box didn't meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

We apologize if the contents of the Gold Box didn't align with your expectations or the value you anticipated. We strive to curate our mystery boxes with a diverse selection of items to provide a delightful experience for our customers. However, it's clear that we missed the mark with your recent purchase.

Your feedback regarding the inclusion of a 'unique' piece and the variety of TN sizes is invaluable to us as we continuously strive to improve our offerings. We'll certainly take your comments into consideration as we refine our mystery boxs in the future.

We appreciate your loyalty to our brand and your willingness to recommend our other products. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope to have the opportunity to regain your trust in the future. If there's anything else we can do to address your concerns or assist you further, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us. We value your input and are committed to providing you with exceptional products and service.

Kind Regards,
Julia H.
Customer Service

Carly Monkman
Mystery Box Disappointment

I was not sure what to expect but it wasn’t damaged covers. One had a large cut, not scratch, but cut. Another had deep indent on front which was not a natural leather mark. Customer service said that they sell “one offs” and such. They asked for pictures and I sent them. Two of the four items I won’t even gift to friends. I thought a Mystery Box would be exciting but it is disappointing. Not a good investment.