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Leather Balm


Hand Crafted Leather Conditioner

Condition and protect your leather travelers notebook covers with Chic Sparrow Leather Balm. This special blend of ingredients will keep your leather looking like new. 

Hand blended and poured in small batches.
Conditions and protects full grain (smooth surface) leather

Size: 2 oz Tin (A little goes a long way!) 


We use a proprietary blend of organic ingredients that include shea butter and beeswax


Not recommended for textured Leathers

Conditioning treatments will alter the appearance of full-grain leather and may change the tone, scent, and texture. Always test a small area and wait 24 hours to see the true color


For best results, warm before applying*

  1. Apply to clean, dry leather
  2. Apply a small amount evenly over the entire surface
  3. Let sit for 10 minutes
  4. Buff with dry, soft cloth

*You can warm a small scoop in your hands, or if the balm is too hard, you can warm the whole tin with a heat gun or hair dryer for a couple seconds before using

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
RaDonna Huckaby
The Best!!

I have several brands of leather conditioner/balm and this is my favorite! It doesn’t take long for it to dry and it doesn’t feel tacky. Thanks!

Jessica Collins
Almost like new again

I didnt know you had to let the conditioner sit for 10 minutes. I rubbed it in small areas at a time, kind of like polishing shoes. It came out great. The deeper scratches arent gone but im ok with that and honestly didnt expect them to be covered up.

Simply the best

I've used this on all kinds of untreated full grain leathers and the results are fantastic. The balm darkens the leather slightly and best of all, gives the untreated leather a durable and really beautiful mirror-like sheen (sort like the Mr Darcy sheen) when buffed hard after the balm dries.

Michelle S.
Great for touch-ups!

I used this on the edges of my Deluxe Odyssey Kronos. They looked a bit raw and felt rough, especially where the pockets made a fairly thick edge. Just a touch of the Leather Balm on my fingertips, and a bit of elbow grease rubbing it in, and those edges look beautiful and feel smooth! It also made a rather deep scratch on the pocket go away almost completely. I won’t do a full condition until late fall, but I am very pleased with how it can help with maintaining the beautiful look and feel of my Odyssey leather! The amount is also generous. This will last me for a long time, even once I start doing full conditioning.

Tiffany Liu

This balm is much larger than I expected, which is awesome! I had some chic sparrows that were starting to dry out and this stuff brings them back to their natural beauty! Happy purchase!