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Darcy | Austen | Heritage


Leather Texture & Character

These full-grain leather Darcy covers may have notable surface markings. If you like unique leather character and variation, Darcy is for you!

Austen is beloved for its unique combination of stability, elegance, and sensitivity. Enjoy the way its character develops as it easily accumulates scuffs & scratches, which will mellow with time. Mr. Darcy is reminiscent of a toffee brown and truly sweetens any look.

  • Flexible, vegetable-tan, full-grain leather
  • Lightly shiny finish with a medium hand
  • Easily scratches with a beautiful patina
  • Color and texture varies between lots

    Travelers Notebook Design

    • Drum-dyed for stunning variation
    • Center spine closure
    • Approximately 1.7 - 2.0 mm thick
    • Topstitched scallop pockets
    • Stitched in pen loop 
    • 4 strands of elastic on most sizes 
    • 6 strands of elastic on "Plus" sizes
    • See photo for stitching & elastic

    Heritage Pocket Design

    • Front: Horizontal scallop pockets
    • Front: Full length pocket under scallop pockets
    • Back: Secretarial pocket & pen loop
    • Please see illustration photos for details

      Shipping & Inventory

      • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
      • If the item isn't available, please submit your email address to be notified if it is re-stocked

      Order Notes

      Order notes are general requests. We always take them into consideration, however, we cannot guarantee specific leather variation. Thank you for understanding!

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