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Coffee House | Number 9 B5 Leather Cover

Color: Espresso (Brown)

This luxurious leather notebook cover elevates the traditional composition or B5 size notebook with its pliable texture and three timeless colors. Offering both comfort and sophistication, this cover is perfect for those who demand quality and style.

Semi-gloss, minimal finish, flexible soft to medium temper, textured leather.

  • Handcrafted from full-grain, chrome-tanned leather
  • B5 or Composition size
  • Available in three timeless colors: Espresso (Brown), French Roast (Black) , and Hazelnut (Deep Tan), to blend perfectly with your chic style

It comes in 3 Styles:

  • Classic: 1 resilient interior elastic and an elastic closure
  • Folio: Two full length pockets
  • Cascade Folio: cascading card pockets, and a full length back pocket

Handmade with care, it combines heirloom character and utility perfectly. Order yours now.

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