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Patina | Hobonichi Weeks Deluxe

Embark on a journey to find a timeless partner that evolves with you! Turn to Patina - a light-reactive leather that will transform into a rich brown as it accompanies you on your daring adventures. Take it with you wherever you go and embrace the wear, as it was made to be experienced!

  • Full-grain, veg-tanned European leather
  • Medium hand (Becomes softer as it ages)
  • Surface illustrates wrinkles & range marks
  • Patina develops with time and use
Weekly Deluxe Design: Features vertical scalloped pockets on the inner left and right-hand sides, a single strand of elastic on the interior. Designed specifically for the Hobonichi Weeks/Mega Weeks. All wrapped closed with an elastic on the spine.

Care: Condition it once or twice a year. Once if you live in a high humidity climate, and twice if the climate is dry. Our Leather Balm is a great choice!

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Customer Reviews

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Jodie Heatwole
Gorgeous notebook cover!

I’ve been wanting the patina for a long time! I’m so excited to watch it age. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

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