This is a collection of our products that have been retired  

Sometimes to make room for newer and better we must retire some favorites. This doesn't mean they will be gone forever,  we just need to concentrate our energy on making the absolute best products we can.   Thank you for understanding.

This may also help you when you are purchasing pre-owned items.   We know some of these may have been a favorite of yours and from time to time we may bring them back from retirement for a brief revival.



Turkish Delight

Jeweled Collection in 10 colors.   This imported leather attracted Jennifer because of its soft feel in the hand and its ability to make the dye vibrant and rich.   This was one of our most popular leathers.   


Christopher Columbus

A gorgeous Italian leather that had an amazing crackle look to the surface but still felt relatively smooth to the touch.    If we ever get our hands on some again,  we promise to bring it back.  


A highly textured leather best known for its pebbled look and easy to bend feel.   This came in the same colors as the Storyteller.



We've brought this imported leather out of retirement a couple of times due to its popularity with those individuals who like to celebrate the more interesting side of full grain leather.  This leather came in many colors and is easy to recognize by its brands, and sometimes numerous range markings.  
Retired Storyteller


American Dream

ad 2016
A Crowd Favorite- this leather came in the above-pictured hand dyed colors. Now, we use the same leather in our Patina line. The colors shown above were part of our Spring and Summer 2016 collection. If we ever decide to bring these colors back, you'll be the first to know. 


mav 1
The Maverick is a thick, rugged leather with unmatched thickness and structure. This leather also came in black.

Recently Retired Sizes and Styles:

Size:  Extra Wide (in all leathers)
Simple Pouch in Size Large - all colors.


Outlander in the following leathers:
outlander sojourn

May 2017  The Mina

The Mina is made from the American Dream leather and came in two of our most popular hand dyed colors,  Ali Browns Joy and Carie Harling's Violet   The Mina features a flip out zipper pouch with vertical credit card pockets.  The last edition of the Mina has straight pockets instead of the curved pockets.  


Soon to be retired:


Camouflage Traveler's Notebooks

This style will be available until supplies run out.





Verona Outlander

This color in the Outlander collection will be available until supplies run out.



Browncoat Outlander

This color in the Outlander collection will be available until supplies run out. 





Thank you for reading!