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Rewards Terms and Conditions


The Rewards Program is provided by Chic Sparrow, Inc for U.S. residents who enroll as members. At this time residents outside the United States are not eligible to join the Rewards Program (if you are an international customer and have been accruing points, don't worry! They belong to you, and as long as it is working for you, continue to use them. Some countries have different by-laws, and we have to post this as a disclaimer). 

These Rewards Terms and Conditions are effective as of February 22, 2015, and may be amended from time to time by Chic Sparrow, Inc. By becoming a Rewards Program member and participating in the Rewards Program, you the member (i) represent that you are an Eligible Customer (as defined below under “General”), (ii) consent to Chic Sparrow, Inc collecting, using and disclosing your personal information as set out in the “Privacy” section below, and (iii) accept these Rewards Terms and Conditions, as they may be amended from time to time (updated versions will be posted on our website)



1. Earning Rewards
      • No purchase is necessary to join the Rewards Program, but purchases are required to earn points and maintain points and level of membership status, as discussed below. You may view your account online at
      • For every $1 in purchases (excluding returns, taxes and/or shipping), Rewards Members will receive 1 point. 
      • To earn points, customers must first create an account on,  then sign up for the rewards program,  then place their order.    Or create an account and refer friends through the refer a friend app.  
      • Purchases that apply a merchandise credit, gift card or Reward Certificate will only earn points to the extent the purchase amount exceeds the value of the credit, gift card or certificate. For example, if you redeem a $20 Rewards certificate on a $60 purchase, you will earn points only on the remaining $40 of the purchase amount.
      • Chic Sparrow, Inc may at any time change the number of points required for a specific Reward (any such changes will be posted on our website at                                                                                       
      • Reward Certificates will be issued with members’ Rewards statements. Rewards statements are currently to be sent to members email, but such timing may change at our discretion. Chic Sparrow, Inc is not responsible for Rewards statements and any accompanying Reward Certificates that are late, lost, misdirected, not delivered or not received. Members are responsible for ensuring that all contact information on file is correct and up to date.
      • With each Rewards statement members will be issued a Rewards Certificate  Any remaining points will carry forward to the next statement. Members will not receive a credit or cash back for partially redeemed Reward Certificates, any unused portion will be forfeited. For example, if you use a $20 Reward Certificate towards a $15 purchase, you will not receive any credit or cash back, the $5 balance will be forfeited.
      • Chic Sparrow, Inc reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to void Reward Certificates sent due to error, fraud or misuse of the Rewards Program.
      • Member must have purchase activity with Chic Sparrow, Inc to maintain points and their level of membership status. If during any 12-month period after enrolling there is no such purchase activity by a member, all points will be forfeit.
      • Reward certificates will be issued with a 180-day expiration date. If a Reward certificate is not used before its expiration date, it will be void.                                                       
      2. General

      • Customers must be of the age of majority in their state of residence and have a valid U.S. mailing address and/or email address to participate (“Eligible Customer”)
      • Memberships and points cannot be transferred or combined with those of another member.                                                                                
      • Employees of Chic Sparrow, Inc, its parent company, or subsidiaries of either company, are not eligible to participate. Membership is also not available to corporations, partnerships or anyone other than an individual.
      • Individual customers are limited to a single membership. Current members are not allowed to re-enroll and obtain additional member numbers.
      • We reserve the right to cancel and/or modify the Rewards program and/or these Rewards Terms and Conditions and/or withdraw membership (including terminating any points accumulated and/or Rewards certificates issued) at any time. Chic Sparrow, Inc will have no liability to any member and is automatically released from all claims by members in respect of such actions.
      • You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting Rewards Customer Service as described below.
      • Chic Sparrow, Inc reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these Terms and Conditions. All determinations by Chic Sparrow, Inc shall be final and conclusive in each case. 
      • Chic Sparrow, Inc and its parent and affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (the “Released Parties”) make no representation and provide no warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the Rewards Program, membership in the Rewards Program, or Reward Certificates. 
      • By participating in the Rewards Program, each member releases the Released Parties from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and other expenses (including, without limitation, legal and attorney’s fees) relating to that member’s participation in the Rewards Program, use of Reward Certificates, or agreement to these Rewards Terms and Conditions. 
      • Chic Sparrow, Inc may, at any time, terminate or modify the Rewards Program and program rules without further obligations to members. 
      • These Rewards Program Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Washington without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Any claim or dispute between a member and Chic Sparrow, Inc that arises in whole or in part from participation in the Rewards program shall be filed and decided exclusively in the state courts in Spokane County, Washington or the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Washington.
      3. Customer Service
          • For questions concerning your account status, program information, or to join, please contact Rewards Customer Service
          • Visit us 24/7 at: 
          • U.S. members, call our Customer Service at:
          • 509-325-7206
          • Write to Rewards Customer Service at: 
          • 8108 N Division St. Suite B, Spokane WA 99208
            4. Rewards Redemption
                • To redeem online, enter the Rewards member number and the online promo code found on your Reward Certificate at checkout. Online and phone orders can only be shipped within the 50 United States; orders cannot ship internationally or to U.S. territories/commonwealths.
                • Rewards Certificates may be used one time only.
                • Reward Certificates may not be exchanged, refunded, or redeemed for cash or any other form of credit. A certificate is redeemable only by the member to whom it was issued. 
                • Rewards Certificates will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.
                • The value of a Rewards Certificate applied to a purchase will not be returned if the purchased product is returned. Reward Certificates cannot be applied to previous purchases.
                • Altered Reward Certificates and any Reward Certificates that are reproduced are void. Rewards Certificates may not be used for the purchase of gift cards/certificates 
                  5. Privacy
                      • Chic Sparrow, Inc collects personal information from Rewards members, including name and contact information, and information about a member’s purchase history, in order to administer the Rewards program, including to (i) calculate points accumulated and deducted; (ii) calculate Rewards; (iii) better understand the needs and shopping habits of members; and (iv) to communicate with members by email to provide Reward statements and other information about the program, as well as special offers and notifications about member promotions, fashion trends and upcoming events.
                      • If you have any questions or would like more information, please write to Chic Sparrow at the above address.