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Secret Garden | Number 10 | Two-In-One Folio or Traveler's Notebook

Color: Rose

Stay a while in the Secret Garden, a brand new leather from us that you'll only find in the Number 10 design. It's soft and squishy and won't patina so the color will be just as vibrant as when you first get it! It has a super consistent pebbled texture.

  • Italian Chrome Tanned Leather
  • Finished
  • Color stays true No Patina
  • Smooth pebbled texture
  • Extremely Soft-Hand (if unlined)

Number 10 Design

The Number 10 design celebrates ten years of Chic Sparrow! This design features a two-in-one use, so it's the ONLY TN you'll ever need. You can use it as a folio and put a notebook into either of the pockets OR use it as a TN or a combination of both. Be it indecision or a love adaptability in a notebook cover this will be a winner for any of your needs!

Leather Care

This leather is considered finished by industry standards, so care is super easy. Use a soft cloth and gentle soap. Or even a baby wipe will do.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I just love the #10. The Secret Garden leather is perfectly pebbled and so soft. I got mine unlined, so it’s nice and floppy, although the cascade pockets inside do provide a bit of structure. I’ve already purchased 3 in the colors Buttercup (A6), Lilac (B6) and Shasta (narrow). I never expected Shasta (white) to be my favorite but it’s so beautiful. I use all 3 as folios only and take the strings out, but I really like having the option of putting the strings back in and adding more notebooks later if I choose to. There isn’t anything I don’t like about the #10.

Jennifer Shioya
Best of both worlds

The design of the Number 10 is really nice for me, though it doesn't come in the size I would prefer (B6 Slim). I often have one notebook and an insert or two so it really does work well. But I also want to give praise to the leather itself. I have wanted a white leather from the beginning, and while I miss the uniqueness of the various other leather pieces CS has to offer, sometimes the color is the biggest impact (plus the leather is so soft and squishy!). Well done on another amazing design and product!

Teresa O
Number 10 review

I ordered the Number 10 pocket-sized Secret Garden. I wasn't sure I'd like the white. I bought it with the plan to dye it a different color. But I love it!
The Number 10 idea is genius! Being able to use it as a travelers notebook and/or folio is a game-changer.
And, of course, the quality and craftsmanship are top of the line. Thanks for another winner, Chic Sparrow!

Jan Zager
Springtime yellow love

I love my birthday present to myself! It is soft tho’ with the lining it has enough structure to provide backing support for my (Wonderland 222) B6 planner. Later in the year I suspect I will appreciate those traveler’s bands as well.


This is the cutest TN I have ever bought! I got the Secret Garden ( lilac ) and she’s beautiful! It’s soft, has pockets, card slots and a snap! It holds my three Travelers Co passport size notebooks and a zipper pouch and fits nicely in my purse. I just love it!