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Travelers Notebook Covers

Chic Sparrow’s leather Travelers Notebook covers help you stay organized with modern design and functionality. Shop notebook covers in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.

  • Austen Number 10 - ChicSparrow

    Austen Number 10


    Enjoy our most loved collection inspired by classic novelist Jane Austen. Carry this cover with you through a park or glade and write a story to re...

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  • Austen | Classic - ChicSparrow

    Austen | Classic


    If you're a no nonsense person this sleek minimalist notebook cover's design is excellent for you! Handcrafted from full-grain, vegetable-tanned...

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  • Black Beauty travelers notebook cover. Simple leather journal cover with black elastic.

    Crème | Classic


    Feel connected to your style with Crème Classic; a medium-handed, matte-finish traveler’s notebook with a minimalist design that adds to your noteb...

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  • Golden brown Maverick travelers notebook cover. Simple leather journal cover with elastic closure.

    Golden Brown | Maverick | Classic


    Leather Texture & Character Maverick leather has a beautiful cracked finish to complement its full-bodied hand. This is a result of the vegeta...

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  • Otter | Cascade - ChicSparrow

    Otter | Cascade


    Looking for something soft and a little bit waxy? This leather is soft and supple and reminds us of a slightly thicker version of Outlander if you'...

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  • A Strider Cascade - ChicSparrow
    Save 2.80

    Strider Cascade Travelers Notebook with Pockets

    Original price 70.00
    Current price

    Available for pre-order now! We will start shipping the first week of January 2024 Welcoming Strider a full-grain vegetable tan Italian leather in ...

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  • Denali brown travelers notebook cover. Simple leather journal cover with elastic closure.

    Waypoint | Classic


    Leather Texture & Character Waypoint leather is a deeply conditioned, chrome-tanned leather that displays a rich pull-up quality when folded....

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