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Scout | Cascade

Color: Golden Brown

Be ready for any adventure with Scout Cascade - your capable and rugged life partner. Crafted with water buffalo leather and Crème for the interior pockets, Scout is thick and sturdy. Has a minimum of 4 elastics and features card pockets, plus a pen loop. Conquer the world in style!


  • Full-grain leather is thick and rugged
  • Structured leather with a firm hand
  • Resilient natural variation on surface
  • Color and text will vary between lots


  • A wide range of variation should be expected
  • Full-grain leather is supple with a matte finish
  • Natural range marks add rustic character
  • Color and texture will vary between lots
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Arrived today. It’s beautiful. Thankyou team Chic Sparrow!🥰👍


Didn’t disappoint. Love it to bits. Thankyou Chic Sparrow team!🥰👍

Can't Stop Touching It!

This is my VERY first Chic Sparrow TN. I have heard about them for years and watched videos of countless happy customers on YouTube with their new or well-used and well-loved TNs. Now I finally get to be one of them! ;)

There were so many choices - it was really difficult to choose one. I had gotten samples of the Austen, Coffee House, Kody, Morgan and Antique Brown, thinking I would choose one of those since I couldn't get a sample of the Scout. But I kept watching YT videos of owners who had any of these, especially the Scout/Maverick so I could finalize my choice. The beauty of the Scout, the texture, the lightning strikes - so different than any other TNs I have had stolen my heart and I won't get it back.

This is the most beautiful TN I OWN! It's got a nice weight and width, it's flexible without being too stiff. It smells AMAZING. The Creme cascading pockets and secretarial pocket are also a perfect match.

I LOVE my new handsome Scout buddy and looking forward to using him every day!

Ariana S.
Super Thick

If you want a sturdy leather, look no further. No need to worry about throwing it in a bag or taking it on your travels because this TN's thickness keeps its shape as you continually use it. Perfect for a wallet, if you choose so. The natural creases on this leather are beautiful and tactile!

Sarah B
Gorgeous, will last a lifetime

This TN planner cover is fabulous. Beautiful leather, beautifully made. I usually feel like I need to spray leather products with rain and stain protectant, but not with this. The pen loop is wonderfully designed and big enough to fit my Lamy LX fountain pen with ease. I’m glad I went for it and ordered this cover.

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