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Sidekick | Personal Sized Leather Travelers Notebook

Color: Natural

Limit ONE per Customer, for each restock.

Welcome back Sidekick! This design was an old favorite from 2017. 

Now available in 4 new leathers never before offered. We've got butterflies, and florals and birds, oh my! And if you're looking for a simple look we've got that a Natural option for you too!

But what exactly is the personal sized planner?

  • The Personal size is perfect for inserts measuring 3.75 x 6.75 inches / 95 x 171mm
  • It's intended and not limited to holding your checkbook or receipts making it excellent for travel or budget keeping 
  • Front slip pocket, back zipper pocket, and 6 internal pockets - making it the ideal choice for your everyday carry (EDC).

Our external leather is made from luxurious sheepskin. 


How do I take care of sheepskin?

To care for it we recommend non-siliconed cleaners and protectors.

What's the difference between Personal and A6?

Personal is taller and narrower than A6. A6 usually measures to be 6.5 x 10.8 inches / 165 x 273 mm

Would it fit a Moleskine?

No. This cover is much too small for that. We'd recommend Wide or you could check out our Number 10 design!

Will this design ever come in other sizes?

No. The beauty of the Sidekick is its one portable size. Our intentions with this design is to make it as usable and portable as possible. We've found Personal to be the best size for this design.

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