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Patina | Number 8 - Extra Wide | Travelers Notebook with Snap Closure

Set off on a quest to discover a timeless companion that grows with you! Look to Patina - a light-reactive leather that will morph into a deep brown as it joins you on your fearless exploits. Bring it along wherever you go and embrace the rough and tumble, as it was crafted to be lived!

  • Full-grain, veg-tanned European leather
  • Medium hand (Becomes softer as it ages)
  • Surface illustrates wrinkles & range marks
  • Patina develops with time and use
Number 8 Design: Features vertical scalloped cascading pockets on the inner left-hand side, four interior elastics, and a scalloped full length back pocket, with a tear-drop pen loop. This pen loop is designed for pens that have clips. Simply tuck the clip into the cutout and it'll hold your pen. Features a snap closure.

Care: Condition it once or twice a year. Once if you live in a high humidity climate, and twice if the climate is dry. Our Leather Balm is a great choice!

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