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Patina | Folio | Full Grain Leather Book Cover without Pockets

Begin your quest for a lifelong companion that grows and changes with you! Look no further than Patina - a versatile leather that will develop a deep, rich brown color as it accompanies you on daring escapades. Carry it with you wherever you go and embrace the inevitable wear, as it was designed to be part of the adventure!

  • Full-grain, veg-tanned European leather
  • Medium hand (Becomes softer as it ages)
  • Surface illustrates wrinkles & range marks
  • Patina develops with time and use
Folio Design: Features slip pockets on the left and right-hand sides. Folios are designed to be covers for soft or hard bound notebooks. All wrapped closed with an elastic on the spine.

Care: Condition it once or twice a year. Once if you live in a high humidity climate, and twice if the climate is dry. Our Leather Balm is a great choice!

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