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Chic Sparrow Anniversary Fountain Pen


We wanted to celebrate 10 years of Chic Sparrow with this commemorative fountain pen. It's slim easy to write with for extended periods of time. Writes smoothly and will give slight feedback depending on the ink and paper chosen.


  • Weight: 1.2 oz
  • Body Type: Metal
  • Nib: Fine Stainless steel and tipped with iridium to increase the wear time on nib tips
  • Converter: Included,
  • Includes gift box
  • Ink not included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Annie Miranda
This Pen!!!

Happy 10th Anniversary Chic Sparrow! Thank you for introducing your first fountain pen. It wrote perfectly out of the box. I love the color and the gold trims very much. It feels very good in my hand. I usually prefer larger pens with a bigger section; however, the Chic Sparrow pen feels great! I highly recommend this fountain pen.

Cheryl Love

I absolutely love this!

Jeremy Smith
And people say I'm a terrible gambler

As the title hopefully suggests, my decision to add this pen to my first Chic Sparrow order seemed like a huge gamble. The listing doesn't exactly provide a lot of information by fountain pen standards, but I like fountain pens and have a gambling problem, so at $30, I decided to take the chance.

I looked online briefly to see if I could maybe sleuth out any additional information before I fully committed, and from that, I think the nib is German, and if I was looking at the right one, seems to retail for about $28 on it's own. With that possibly faulty information, I determined it seemed like a safe enough bet.

That brings me to now, after having the pen for a couple of days. I originally inked it up with De Atramentis Document Cyan, because that ink is so incredibly wet and unwieldy, I've yet to find a pen that's able to tame it. This pen faired equally as poorly as all the rest and wrote more like a medium.

After replacing the ink with Sailor Souboku, an ink that doesn't behave like an unruly child, I'm happy to discover the pen does write as I'd expect from a fine nib.

With the better ink, the nib is very smooth on my Midori MD paper, with enough feedback to remind me I'm writing on paper, instead of painting on glass. I've yet to experience anything I'd describe as scratchy and I haven't had any slow starts or skips.

All that to say, I'm throughly happy with the performance of the nib in a $30 pen.

The construction of the pen also feels incredibly solid. There is a satisfying click, when capping and uncapping and it feels like the seal is incredibly tight. I have no idea how durable it will be in the long run, but right off the bat, it seems like it shouldn't have excessive issues with ink drying out.

Additionally, while this pen is thinner than I generally prefer, I like the weight of it and it feels very well balanced uncapped. It's a bit top heavy when posted, but I don't dislike writing with it when posted. I do prefer heavy pens though, so your milage may vary when posted.

It's also worth noting that the included convertor appears to be of good quality too, especially when you consider that Pilot puts those annoying and, in my correct opinion, absolutely terrible squeeze converters in their budget fountain pens like the Metropolitan.

Now I just need to decide if I want to get a second one as a backup.

Kristen Maclaury
Wonderful Pen!

This is a hidden little gem! The quality far exceeds the price! So glad I’m able to celebrate 10 years with Chic Sparrow!

Rachel W
Fun pen!

Love the Chic Sparrow anniversary pen. It’s been a fun add to my collection.

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