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Austen | Leather Sample

Color: Darcy

Polished Character

Austen is beloved for its unique combination of stability, elegance, and sensitivity. A firm leather, you’ll feel it fold and flex nicely in your hands. This vegetable-tanned leather is treated with natural oils, then glazed to bring those oils to the surface. This creates a glossy finish that never hides the leather’s natural character. Austen leather is designed to easily collect scuffs and scratches, which will mellow with age and daily use.

Leather Texture & Character

  • Glazed, flexible, veg-tan full-grain leather
  • Somewhat shiny finish with a medium hand
  • Easily scratches and wears its history with pride
  • Color and texture will vary between lots

    Sample Design & Features

    • Each color sold separately
    • Leather color varies by lot
    • Approximately 3.5" x 3.5" inches 
    • These are samples of color only. Because of leather variation, your color may not be an exact match to the sample.

      Shipping & Inventory

      • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
      • If the item isn't in stock, please submit your email address to be notified if it becomes available

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