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Clean Like a Pro with Bick 1: The Ultimate Leather Cleaner Review

Clean Like a Pro with Bick 1: The Ultimate Leather Cleaner Review

Transcript:📍 Welcome to the second video in a series of videos where I use and rate different leather care products. Today I have a piece of Emma that has quite a bit of dirt on it. This piece was actually pulled out of our. remnant section and it was in there because of the dirt. So I decided to make one of our brand new starter kits out of it, just as a practice piece.

And I thought, why not try this Bick 1 leather cleaner, it's an aggressive and effective leather cleaner, and see if it gets that dirt out because what bigger challenge could I give it? Really? And that's what I'm going to do today. Now, at first, I'm going to apply it with a cloth, and later I switch it up.

This is a brand-new bottle. I bought it from my local tack shop, and I need to take that little stopper out and don't forget to squeeze it. See the cute little bubbles. So it actually is more of a gel. It's not really a watery consistency. It's a really thin gel and it goes on. As you're gonna see when I'm using it, I'm going to cover the entire surface of the notebook because I want the entire surface to have the same finish as much as possible.

And the way to do that is to make sure that you are using the same product over the entire surface. If I were to concentrate this product on just the dirt area, I could possibly have a discolored area. I don't know. I haven't used this product before, so I'm just being precautious and making sure to cover the entire surface.

As you can see, I switched from using a cloth to using a little horsehair brush. This actually came in a shoe shine kit from Kiwi, and it is clean there. It doesn't have anything else on it, and I'm just going to scrub the entire surface. Careful not to concentrate. Too much effort on the actual dirt because again, I want to have a consistent finish when I'm done, so I'm going to wipe off the excess and just so I can see what's going on underneath there.

Now that dirt is, it's in it. It came from the factory that way, and sometimes they do. It's, an edge piece and so we, we don't use those when we're making things for customers. We don't use those for them. That's why this was in the remnant section, and it's exactly why I pulled it out, is because for me, it will work perfectly for the test piece that I was making because this is, The this is a starter kit piece, and it's actually smaller than our narrow.

It's more thin. It perfectly fits one or two inserts in the narrow size, and it also fits two dashboards. So if you like a slim fit and you're new to Traveler's Notebooks, this is perfect for you. Or if you like a slim fit and you are a Traveler's notebook expert, this would be good for you as well. So again, wiping off the excess and it looks pretty good.

Knock that over. There we go. And it looks pretty good to me. I think we've gotten a maybe, 70% of the dirt out, which I'm impressed with because I didn't know what to expect. I'm impressed at this point, and I'm going to set this to the side so that it can dry next to a heater and you'll hear that come on.

And then it will sit there next to that heater for a few minutes so that it can dry. And then when it comes back, as you can see, it does look quite a bit cleaner. It's not completely dry though, and that's okay. I don't want it to be bone dry and in fact, I never let it get bone dry because I am trying to.

Moisturize and I don't want it to completely dry out. So I'm going to apply another cleaning session here, and I am concentrating a little bit in that area, but I am going to go across the entire surface, just like before. And I highly recommend no matter what product you're using, you do the same thing.

That way the end result, you'll have a more consistent finish. And. , yeah, I just feel the need to use more of this, and I was trying to check the label to see how much I really should use, and I didn't really see that. They said how much I should use, so I'm just going by instincts and intuition and I'm just going to keep scrubbing until it is as clean as I want it to be.

And as you can see, over on the right, there's like a drip there. Don't worry about it. It's, not going to stay there. You will not see it in the finished product. But yeah, I'm just gonna clean this area. We're really, good because I wanna make sure that as much dirt as possible, it's going to get out and then I'm gonna go ahead and wipe all that off and let it dry again and again, I am using a space heater basically, and it's over to my right and it's going to help warm up the leather and dry it.

It's about a foot away from the, space heater, so it's not right up on. It's just far enough away to enjoy the warmth and get a little bit of that warm air on it so that it dries a little better. And yeah, so gotta make sure everything's even, gotta make sure it looks as, as even as possible.

So once that comes back, As you can see, looks quite a bit better, that there's a wet spot still, because it, as I said, I didn't want it to completely dry out and I'm gonna clean it again, I think, or maybe no I'm, gonna condition it. , sorry, but yeah, I'm gonna condition it. I'm using Phoebes four way care.

One recommends you use their conditioning product. However, the tax door where I've bought it does not, did not have any of it. So I'm using the fee beings four away. I have used Phoebes for many, years and it's a great product. I never have any issues with it at all, and I know the results I'm gonna get when I use it.

It does not overly darken the leather. It does darken it a little bit, but it's not going to become a completely different shade. It's just gonna deepen the leather just a little bit. And it works great. It's a really great product and I don't even need gloves for this part, but I have them on. I am doing three different things, and this video is only one of them, so make sure you come back for more.

So once that is conditioned, there's the four-way care. That's the one you want. That's a great one. So once this is conditioned, I'm going to polish it and I'll show you the polishing process. I do use, I use severe polish. I'll show you the can when I pull it up here. I just put it on with my hands and it works great.

I, I start out with a brush first, but I really do prefer using my hands. I, thought I'd use the brush for the camera, but I did, wasn't getting the result that I liked. But yeah, that's the one I use. I use this on almost every piece of leather that I own. And I like it. You wanna be careful using it around places that bend though, because it does have harder waxes in it.

And so if you use it on the spine and then you bend the spine, it will look a little bit strange. So just be aware of that. Use it really lightly in the spine and you won't have a problem. So while you're watching me do this, let me rate that Bic one cleaning gel for you. So I think overall it got.

I wanna say 85, maybe even 90% of the dirt out of this leather. And it worked really well. It was really easy to use. It did not have an offensive odor, not to me anyway, and it didn't smell like turpentine or anything like that, so I'm going to rate it an 8.5 outta 10. I just feel like it could have done more.

Maybe my expectations are a little high. I think I did a great job. And I think 8.5 outta 10 is, is a really great score. It's probably one of the better, leather cleaners that I've used. And we'll see as I'm doing this series, if we find one that we like better than this. But for now, I'm gonna give it an 8.5 out of 10.

And here's a couple tips. When you go to Polish, First of all, let the polish dry completely and then take a horse hair brush and just lightly buff across. This is in real time, guys. I didn't speed it up or anything. And as you can see, just touching the leather with the brush brings out the polish and you can just see that luster.

If you wanted to have more shine, do buffet and then do another coat, and you can just keep adding coats until it's as shiny as. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that you have a really great day. If you did enjoy the video, please and subscribe. That helps me out so much.

Bye now.
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