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The Heritage Design

The Heritage Design

This throwback to the original deluxe design will be available for purchase on January 18 at around 10 AM PST. Elements of old and new concepts combine white stitching, scallop pockets, and a removable pen loop.

The Heritage design will be available in the classic Creme and Austen leathers. This launch will only include Creme Brulee and Huckleberry due to shipment delays of Austen leather. Watch for the Heritage design to make an appearance in the Austen collection later this year (as soon as we receive the leather).

This design features beautiful horizontal scallop pockets, contrasting white stitching, and a pen loop that can be removed if desired. It will be offered all year in all sizes except folios and weeks.



Whether adding a nostalgic piece to your collection or starting your collection with a modern taste of Chic Sparrow history, the Heritage design is a welcome staple wherever found. On January 18 at around 10 AM PST, click here to order a classic addition to your growing Sparrow family!

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