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June, Dundee, Cardholder, Meteorite, Stamp Set 2 & 3, Antiqued Austen

June, Dundee, Cardholder, Meteorite, Stamp Set 2 & 3, Antiqued Austen

Released June 1st at 10 AM PST...​​​​​​


​​​​​​June Special Leather




Cardholder Wallet




Months of the Year Stamp Set


Antiqued Austen Collection

A cross between Odyssey in looks and Hemingway in feel, you can choose whether you want your Austen covers hand distressed by our team. Morland is the only color not able to be antiqued, as the color won't show up on it.

Make sure to leave Order Notes to tell us what look you prefer (i.e. 3 cup rings in the top right corner of the front cover with ink splatters and droplets across the whole cover). If you do not leave any order notes, we'll take artistic liberty to create a piece for you! A picture guide containing the six keywords for different types of distressing can be found in the listings as well as our social media accounts. Due to the unique patterns, these will be final sale.



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