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Harry & Spencer

Harry & Spencer


These two gorgeous leathers are the two new additions to the Callahan Collection. They are rustic in appearance yet soft and comforting to the touch. With notable differences between all three leathers, you're sure to find something that is just right for you.

These are vintage, chrome tanned, full grain leathers. They are soft hand, about 1.8-2.2 mm thick, pliable, and flexible.



These leathers have a lot of character - you'll see a variety of freckles, scars, striations, wrinkles, and dotted skin pore textures across the surface. They both mark up and scratch very easily.  Spencer has a matte finish with a soft, suede-like feel to it. It is a dark brown color with a yellowish dusting on the front that goes away when you run your finger one way and comes back when you run your finger the other way.



Harry has a semi-shiny finish; it is smooth and firm to the touch. It is golden brown in color with a very light brown pull up and lightens up considerably when folded/rolled.

This leather is available in the No 7, Weekly Calendar Cover, and Folio designs.

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