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Launch: 10 AM PST - March 15th, 2021

This is the leather that was used when we created the bifold wallet. The moment I laid hands on that prototype, it was love; I knew I wanted a TN made from this leather. Now, in a recent development, a few Nº7 covers as well as some Folios have been created! 



The velvety feel of Brooks wears its rough & tumble surface scratches with grace. With gorgeous pull-up qualities, this leather illustrates the unique journey of each piece.


These are in limited quantities, for now. I wish you all the best in snagging one from this first lot!


Thank you for reading & as always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.
We will see you soon at Chic Sparrow!



You may also notice some striking A6 size Folios in two colors made of Italian leather in the Limited Edition Collection. These are exceptionally thin & lightweight, providing a glove-like fit to your appropriately sized insert. 
Find these Italian leather Folios by clicking below!
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