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Box It Up! Stamp Set

Box It Up! Stamp Set

Released on Feb 11th at 9 AM PST...​​​​​​

Box It Up! Stamp Set

Designed by our founder, Jennifer Harvey, this nine piece stamp set is the perfect functional accessory for your planning, habit tracking, and journaling. Made of photopolymer material, they're soft, flexible, reusable, and durable. Simply stick the stamp onto an acrylic block (or any firm, clear piece of plastic), press it into your pad of ink, and then press it firmly on your piece of paper - ta-da! Beautiful, even, sleek boxes to organize your paper and plan out your day/week/month.​​​​​​​

Check out our YouTube video about this stamp set for more info!


"Box It Up Stamp Set | For Bullet Journal Bliss"​​​​​​​





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