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If you like surprises, you will love this.

This is a fun way to get a bag that has character and at a discount!*

All are sold AS IS without return or Exchange.    

All items are pre-marked at 25% off.

  • Please note, the photos are examples, and you will not be able to choose the exact piece in your order. This is a collection of slightly flawed but completely usable full-grain leather bags.
  • They may have some flaws or inconsistencies. The most common reason for second chancing a bag will be a small cut or scar that goes all the way through the leather or a drastic change in leather grain throughout the leather used for the bag. Another reason could be a logo that was slightly misplaced, or an unusual naturally occurring defect.
  • For the full information on the features and style of a specific bag, please refer to original product listings on our website. Here

*The little flaws found on these unique pieces do not affect the durability or usability of the leather. 

How it works:

  • You pick the size and we will pick the color/leather
  • Order as many Second Chance items as you like
  • Orders are shipped within 15 business days of order placement
  • Find out what leather you receive when your order arrives


  • All are sold AS IS without return
  • Ordering more than one may result in receiving duplicate leather/styles
  • Special requests will not be granted, thank you for understanding

These items have inconsistencies in construction, dye, or/and natural variation. 


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