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Outlander | Leather Sample


Leather Texture & Character

Made from chrome-tanned, hot-stuffed leather, the Outlander leather is incredibly smooth and soft. With a waxy, pliable feel and semi-glossy finish, they show their use beautifully. Not only resistant to liquid spills and moisture, this leather’s finish also offers a wonderful pull-up quality that results in a stunning and dynamic color. Outlander fans are enticed by its consistent texture and flexible, resilient nature.

  • Full-grain leather is waxy and flexible
  • Smooth, semi-glossy surface texture
  • Lightweight durable leather with finished edges
  • Natural marks and and natural variation
  • Color and texture varies between lots

Leather Sample Design

  • Each color sold separately
  • Leather color varies by lot
  • These are samples of color only. Leather takes dye differently, so your colors may not be an exact match to the sampled color.
  • Approximately 3.5" x 3.5" inches 

Shipping and Inventory

  • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
  • If you do not see a sample for a leather you are interested in, please contact us

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