Odyssey Classic Perseus

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Something Special 

These rugged notebooks are a crowd favorite. Each piece has unique patterns. Some have deeper markings than others. While your notebook may look like it has already had a long life, it still has a long road ahead. Enjoy making marks of your own as you begin your odyssey. You can be sure that no two notebooks will be alike.

This beautiful vegetable-tanned* leather is hot stuffed and glazed to bring the oils to the surface. In the hands, it folds and flexes easily and will hug your paper inserts with ease. It will scuff, scratch and age beautifully.

Style: Edgy, striking, electric, eye-catching

Texture & Character

  • Flexible & lush, full grain leather
  • Somewhat shiny finish/will vary with enhanced natural & man-made markings
  • Easily scuffs, dents, and marks; wears its history with pride
  • Wrinkles and texture may or may not be present and we cannot control this natural variation.  
  • Color and texture will vary between lots

Design & Features

  • Distressed by hand to accentuate natural flaws
  • Optional cup rings and ink splatters
  • Elegant and minimal antiqued edging 
  • Unique texture and antique markings
  • Rugged and simple - no pockets unless added (secretarial)
  • Center spine closure
  • This leather is approximately 2.4 to 2.8 mm thick
  • Stitching (if requested) will be aged and antiqued, partially or fully dyed depending on the piece 
  • Four strands of elastic on all sizes, except pocket plus which has six strands
  • See photo for elastic color
  • This leather is made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: If you choose personalization on this product, distressed markings may be found on or around your inscription engraving

*Vegetable-tanned leather is photo-sensitive which means the surface will darken when exposed to light. Over time, you can expect your journal to develop its own, unique patina

Shipping & Inventory

  • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
  • If the size you want isn't in stock, you can submit your email address by clicking the bright yellow tab and you will be notified when the item is available again

Order Notes

Order notes are general requests and while we always read them and take them into consideration, we simply cannot guarantee custom ink placement or specific leather variation. Thank you for understanding!

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