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Frida | Leather Sample

Color: Frida

Leather Texture & Character

The Frida leather is a tactile sensory dream. There is pebbling that brings texture with a soft and squishy feel to it. It has a semi gloss shine and the marks it accumulates can be buffed out.

  • Vegetable tanned embossed leather
  • Textured with a soft hand
  • Surface scratches easily massaged out
  • Color and texture vary between lots

                              Leather Sample Design

                              • Each color sold separately
                              • Leather color varies by lot
                              • Approximately 3.5" x 3.5" 
                              • These are samples of color only. Leather takes dye differently, so your colors may not be an exact match to the sampled color.

                              Please Note:

                              Full-grain leather is not manufactured in a factory, it is grown organically with variations. These are small leather samples with natural color variation and texture on each piece. Your final product may be a different version and have slightly different characteristics.

                                Shipping & Inventory

                                • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
                                • Limited Stock Available

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