The Odyssey


Size Guide
      • Selected for the FLAWS and distressed by hand. 
      • Flexible & Lush, Full Grain Leather
      • Every one has unique distress markings,  no two are alike
      • Four Strands of Elastic on all sizes
      • Center Spine Closure
      • Top stitched pockets and a matching pen-loop
      • Somewhat shiny finish/will vary with enhanced natural markings
      • Easily Scuffs, dents and marks.  Wears it's history with pride.
      • Note: Color and texture will appear different between lots.
  • These rugged notebooks are a crowd favorite.  Each piece has unique patterns, some have deeper markings than others. While your notebook may look like it's already had a long life,  it's still got a long road ahead.   Enjoy making marks of your own as you begin your own odyssey. You can be sure that no two notebooks will be alike.  These notebooks have A LOT of character,  and are sold as is.  
    This beautiful vegetable-tanned leather is hot stuffed and glazed to bring the oils to the surface. In the hands, it folds and flexes easily and will hug your paper inserts with ease. It will scuff, scratch and age beautifully. Comes in 4 beautiful colors: Siren (buttered rum), Athena (toffee), Penelope (burgundy) and Poseidon (black).   it is approximately 2.4 to 2.8 mm thick.  This leather is made in the U.S.A by the same company that makes our Pemberley leather.
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    We restock our inventory every business day,  if what you see isn't in stock you can submit your email address and we will notify you when we restock the item.   

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Collections: Odyssey

Type: Traveler's Notebooks

Sizes 101
SIZES: Overall, my notebooks are slightly wider than the standard, allowing for no overhang if you follow these guidelines. Your notebook edges will be fully protected.  
Pocket  fits notebooks approximately 3.5” x 5.5”. Most commonly used are Field Notes or Moleskine inserts. Up to 5 inserts less than 1” thick  
A6 fits notebooks that are approximately 4"x6" (i.e. The Hobonichi Techo),  And do not exceed more than 1.5 inches in depth
Personal fit inserts that are  3.75" x 6.5 and do not exceed more than 1 inch in depth.
Narrow will hold up to 5 standard Midori brand inserts (approximately 4.5” x 8.25”) that are not more than 1” thick.
Wide/Cahier  is sized for 5” x 8.25” inserts (usually Moleskine Cahier). At least 4 inserts that do not exceed 1” thick will fit.
Extra Wide* This size has been retired and is dependent on current stock.  Half Sheet sized inserts "5.5x8.25”. If inserts do not exceed 1 inch in thickness, it will hold at least four.
A5 notebooks that measure "5.8x8.25" (i.e. the Hobonichi Cousin) and do not exceed more than 1.5 inches in depth.
 If you are not sure what size to get for your inserts.  Measure them carefully and find the size that is the same or similar.  Then stack them up and measure how thick your inserts are.  Then you can see if you are using 4.5" x 8.25" inserts that are about 1 inch high,  you'd know you need the Narrow size.  But if you have a really chunky notebook and have more than 1 inch then you'd want to go up to the Wide.