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Size Guide
      • Collaboration with Veronica Hill
      • Instant download
      • Unlimited printing, for personal use 
      • 8.5x11 inch sized PDF
      • Nano prints two pages per page
      • Check out Veronica's other creations Click HERE
  • This is an instant download for your personal use only,  you may not redistribute any likeness or format of this product.  This file is licensed to Chic Sparrow, Inc with full resale rights. 
  • Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email with a link to the download.   This item comes with free updates.    If there is an update after you purchase,  you will receive an email notification informing you of the update.
  • How to print.  
    1. Set printer to two-sided or duplex
    2. Set Scale to 100%
    3. Set to flip on short edge or short-edge-binding.  Then print.  
    4. Once printed,  add a cover and fold each page in half being careful to keep them in order.  
    5. Then use your favorite binding technique,  staples are our favorites.  Trim top, bottom, and edge to the desired size.  You will want to measure to ensure correct trimming.

    Alternately, if you do not have a duplex printer.  
    1. Set printer to print only odd pages
    2. set scale to 100%  
    3. Print pages,  then flip them over yourself and put the pages back into your printer and print the even pages.  
    Then proceed with cover and binding.  

    Here is a video by Ray Black giving detailed instructions.  Please note Ray Blake is not in any way affiliated with Chic Sparrow.  

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Sizes 101

This Chart shows the notebooks approximate dimensions from edge to edge as they lay flat open. *Click chart to view original size.*
SIZES: Overall, my notebooks are slightly wider than the common, allowing for no overhang if you follow these guidelines. Your notebook edges will be fully protected.

Below is the information for the corresponding inserts per size.   These measurements are the sizes of the inserts

This is best viewed on a computer monitor.  For smartphones and tablets swipe to the right to see the full chart.

Insert Size


Classic Closed

Classic Open

Deluxe Open

Nano:  Inserts Measure approximately 3.75x2.5 Inches and the Nano will hold 5 of our inserts. Nano Insert Nanno NOT AVAILABLE IN CLASSIC Approximately 7"x 4.5"Nano Open
Passport*:  4 of the standard passports measuring 4.921 inches by 3.465 inches will fit flush
Click for video
Passport Insert from Midori Passport Patina by Chic Sparrow Passport Classic flat open by Chic Sparrow Approximately  8.5"x5.5"Passport Deluxe flat open by Chic Sparrow

Passport* Plus** : 
Will fit 6-8 of the standard passports measuring 4.921 inches by 3.465 inches  

Click for video

Passport Insert from Midori Passport Plus in Patina by Chic Sparrow Chic Sparrow Classic Passport Plus in Patina Approximately 9.5"x5.5"Passport Plus Deluxe Chic Sparrow
Pocket*: fits notebooks approximately 3.5” x 5.5”. Most commonly used are Field Notes or Moleskine inserts. Up to 5 inserts less than 1” thick 
Click for video 
Chic Sparrow Classic Pocket Wide Open Approximately 8.75"x6Creme Deluxe Pocket open
Pocket Plus: Inserts approximately 3.5” x 5.5”. Most commonly used are Field Notes or Moleskin inserts. Up to 2.5 Inches thick  Click for video Pocket Plus Creme Brullee Pocket Plus Classic Approximately 10.5"x6"Pocket Plus Deluxe

A6:  fits notebooks that are approximately 4"x6" (i.e. The Hobonichi Techo),  And do not exceed more than 1.5 inches in depth

Click for video

A6 Insert A6 Classic A6 Classic open Approximately 10 7/8" x 6.5A6 Deluxe
Personal:  fit inserts that are  3.75" x 6.5 and do not exceed more than 1 inch in depth.  Click for video 

Please note,  this was named and designed with the personal checkbook in mind. Click for Video
Personal Insert Personal Classic closed Personal Classic Approximately 9 7/8"x7"Personal Deluxe
B6 Slim:  Inserts should be approximately 7 inches tall and 4.25-4.5 inches wide,  and not exceed 1 inch deep.  Click for video B6 Slim Insert B6 Slim B6 Slim Classic Approximately 11"x7.5"B6 Slim Deluxe
B6: Inserts should be approximately 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide,  and not exceed 1 inch deep.  Click for video B6 Insert B6 Travelers Notebook B6 Classic Approximately 12"x7.5"B6 Deluxe
Narrow:  will hold up to 5 standard Midori brand inserts  Or 4 CS Brand.(approximately 4.5” x 8.25”) that are not more than 1” thick. Click for video Insert Narrow

NarrowTravelers Notebook Narrow Classic Approximately 11"x8.5"narrow deluxe
Wide:  sized for 5” x 8.25” inserts (usually Moleskine Cahier sold in a three pack). At least 4 inserts that do not exceed 1” thick will fit. Click for video Wide Insert Wide Classic Wide open Approximately 12"x8.5"Wide Deluxe
A5*:  notebooks that measure "5.8x8.25" (i.e. the Hobonichi Cousin) and do not exceed more than 1.5 inches in depth.  Click for video A5 Inserts

A5 Travelers notebook

A5 Classic Approximately 14"x8.5"A5 Deluxe

Composition* **(currently not available):   Fits 4 of the 9.75 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide books. 

Click for video

Moleskin Composition Composition Travelers Notebook composition Classic Approximately 17.5"x10.25"composition Deluxe

If you already have inserts:

Measure them carefully and find the size that is their closest match on the chart above. If you are between two notebook sizes, always choose the larger one.  Next, stack up the number of inserts you’d like to carry and measure how thick they are together.  This tells you how thick your spine will be when your notebook wraps around the inserts. Compare this to the width of the notebook you’re considering.  

For example, if you are using inserts that are 4.5” x 8.25”, and your stack of inserts is 1” high, you’d know you’d need the Narrow size. But if your stack is larger than 1”, you’d want to go up to the Wide.


* Inserts are not available through Chic Sparrow,  please check out stores like or or even your local craft/art stores.

** This size is currently not available.