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Cascade | Second Chance

Original price 85.00
Current price 66.09
If you like surprises, you will love this.

This is a fun way to get a traveler's notebook that has character at a discount!*

Set aside for various reasons, these notebooks may have inconsistencies in color, texture, and/or stitching. Other notebooks will have no flaws but feature previous designs, sizes, or leathers that have been discontinued.

All items are pre-marked at up to 25% off
How it works:
  • You pick the size and we will pick the color/leather
  • Order as many Second Chance items as you like 
  • Orders are shipped within 15 business days of order placement
  • Find out what leather you receive when your order arrives
Cascade Pocket Design:
  • Front: 3 vertical Cascade storage pockets for sizes up to B6, 4 pockets for the larger sizes
  • Front: Full length slip pocket behind Cascade pockets
  • Back: Secretarial pocket with pen loop
  • Pen loop may be stitched in or removable
  • Please see illustration photos for more details
  • All are sold AS IS without return
  • Added engravings are not an option on this listing, however, some items may come as-is with added options
  • All Second Chance notebooks are fully functional
  • Ordering more than one may result in receiving duplicate leather/styles
  • Special request fulfillment is not guaranteed

    These items have inconsistencies in construction, dye, or/and natural variation. Some have inscriptions. These covers are a selection of current leathers and discontinued leathers. If you have any leather, color, or character preferences, add them into the order notes and we'll do our best to honor it from what we have in stock.

    ALL initials and names are now covered with a leather plaque and/or a universal message

    Be sure of your purchase at checkout as we will not be able to make changes to these orders after they have been placed. 

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