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Caramel | Folio

Color: Caramel

Leather Texture & Character

This limited leather might just be your unicorn. It's soft and has very few markings. This leather reminds us of spending time with our grandparents and getting buttery soft caramel candies. If you scratch it there will be texture changes but no color changes. This soft exterior is less prone to scratching compared to our Austen collection. 

  • Chrome-tanned, soft, Nubuck 
  • Soft-buffed, velvety, matte finish
  • Few range marks with a soft hand
  • Color and texture vary among lots

    Travelers Notebook Design

    • Drum-dyed for stunning even color
    • Reference the size chart*
    • Topstitched cascade pockets
    • Front & back slip pockets hold pages
    • Metal Closure on outside elastic
    • Approximately 2.2 mm - 3.7 mm thick 
    • See photo for stitching and elastic color

    Cascade Folio Pocket Design

    • Available in sizes Pocket, A6, Weekly, B6 Slim, B6, and A5
    • Front and back straight slip pocket
    • Fits hardcover or softcover notebook up to 1" or 25mm thick
    • Please see illustration photos for more details

        Shipping & Inventory

        • Please allow 7-10 business days (Monday-Thursday) for shipment
        • Limited Supply

        *Dimensions are specific to Folio and are not equal to Traveler's Notebook Sizes

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