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Campfire | Waypoint | Cascade | Happy Accidents

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Leather Texture & Character

A light in the darkness, a warm place to gather with friends and family alike. Orangey yellow light flickering on their faces as they hear and share stories, laughter brightening the atmosphere, cooking over the heat of the flames. This beautiful two toned leather is a spot where you can go to reminisce the good times and create new memories.

Campfire - warm, camping, hear and share stories, laughter, food, light

  • Pull-up, chrome tanned, full-grain leather
  • Varied oily surface texture with a soft hand
  • Surface scratches easily massage out
  • Color and texture varies between lots

Notebook Cover Design

  • Center spine closure
  • Approximately 1.8 - 2.3 mm thick
  • Topstitched pockets with pen loop
  • 4 elastic strands on most sizes 
  • 6 elastic strands on "Plus" sizes
  • See photo for stitching and elastic color

Cascade Pocket Design

  • Front: 3 vertical Cascade storage pockets
  • Front: Full length pocket behind Cascade pockets
  • Back: Secretarial pocket with pen loop
  • Please see illustration photos for more details

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