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Think of this collection as a playlist from our other collections.  Containing all the leathers we think of as beautiful Outlaws.

Outlaw leather is found to be unpredictable, edgy, rule-bending, unique, and bold. When you see a product made from one of these leathers, you can be sure it is unlikely to ever see another like it.

Some of the things I would expect from an Outlaw leather may call imperfections. (I call it character) These leathers tend to lean against the grain a bit and maybe found with small marks, lines, scars, or other variations in character. They can come off as, rough and tumble-no holds barred when compared to some of the other leathers in the Chic Sparrow family. In fact, I have seen several that I wouldn’t be afraid to call “ugly” in the sense that they are beautiful outside of traditional aesthetics. 

Although no full grain leather product will be completely free of variation, these Outlaw Sparrows are absolutely more likely to stir things up. This means that though no product will perfectly match the online photo, an Outlaw leather is likely to travel even farther from it.

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