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Mockingbird | Adjustable Glue-in Pen Loop

Color: Hummingbird

Leather Texture & Character

When you hold the Mockingbird leather in your hands, you will see how different it is from everything else in our shop. From its smooth finish to its charming vintage look, watch the surface lighten as the leather is moved or folded. Trace the range-markings with your fingertips and watch the surface accumulate character as you navigate through life. With a semi-reflective surface and a sensitive finish, the Mockingbird leather displays dynamic variation. 

  • Pull-up full-grain leather
  • Mostly smooth with a medium hand
  • Lots of rustic markings & variation
  • Lightweight, thin, and firm
  • Color and texture varies between lots

Pen Loop Design

  • These adjustable glue-in pen loops complement your notebooks. Affix them to the edge of your favorite insert or notebook cover for easy access, or find a new way to customize yours. 

    Shipping & Inventory

    • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
    • Limited Stock Available

    Order Notes

    Order notes are general requests. We always take them into consideration, however, we cannot guarantee specific leather variation. Thank you for understanding!

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