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Tumbler Clutch Handle Bag

Color: Denali

Leather Texture & Character

The Tumbler Tote bag is a simple tote for everyday carry or can be used for more organization in a large bag. 

Measurement (Inches)

HEIGHT: 10 5/8”
WIDTH: 9 ½”

Leather Texture & Character: Meteorite

  • Matte chrome-tan, full-grain leather
  • Beautiful color variation
  • Includes desirable pull-up effect
  • Plush, velvety feel with unique range marks
  • Color and texture varies between lots

Leathers: Denali, Grand Canyon, Open road

  • Pull-up, Oil-Treated*  full-grain leather
  • Surface scratches easily massage out
  • Color and texture varies between lots

Tumbler Bag Design

  • Lightweight minimalist design
  • Cut-out handles
  • Coordinating stitching
  • Rectangular rounded shape
  • Use the tumbler bag individually, or put it in a larger bag for organization

    Shipping & Inventory

    • Please allow 15 business days for shipment
    • If the item isn't available, please submit your email address to be notified if it is re-stocked

    *The rich oil content of this leather helps to ensure longevity. In some cases of prolonged contact with light-colored objects or clothing, slight color transfer may occur.

    **Photos are for reference only

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    SIL loves it!

    Got it for my Sister in Law birthday & she loves it!!! Thanks for always having awesome products! I’m now waiting for something I’m getting for myself! So excited!

    Love this bag

    This is the best little bag I use it as my purse most of the time. It carries all my essentials. My hobo weeks fits perfectly. My wallet, keys and little pouch with earbuds, chap stick, pain killers etc...It is light to carry and leather is so soft in your hand. I don’t usually like to carry a “hand” purse but this one feels so good. It fits in my bigger totes if I need to bring all the stuff. But this is who I take in the store.

    Best mini to toss in my tote!

    I keep my wallet, face mask, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses in this bag inside my giant tote so when I don’t want to carry the tote in a store I can just reach in and grab this by it’s sweet little handles and all my essentials are already in it!!!