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Leather Totes & Bags

Our totes and bags are made in the U.S.A. and like fine wine, get better with age.

  • Rustic | Large Tote - ChicSparrow

    Rustic | Large Tote


    Rustic Leather Tote Bag Designed to combine rugged durability with chic elegance, the original Rustic Tote is made from oil-treated leather that wi...

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  • Cheyenne Tote Bag - ChicSparrow
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    Cheyenne Medium Tote

    Original price 196.00
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    Timeless Style Slightly smaller than the Rustic Tote, the Cheyenne Tote is made from oil-treated leather that will give years of service. The pr...

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  • Tumbler Tote Bag - ChicSparrow

    Tumbler Clutch Handle Bag


    Leather Texture & Character The Tumbler Tote bag is a simple tote for everyday carry or can be used for more organization in a large bag.  Mea...

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  • The Simple Pouch | Waypoint - ChicSparrow

    The Simple Pouch | Waypoint


    Simple Pouch with Zipper Closure Three conveniently sized, wide-mouth pouches lend themselves to an array of carrying options. The Simple Pouches e...

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  • Ginger | Medium Zippered Tote - ChicSparrow

    Ginger | Medium Zippered Tote


    The Ginger bag is a simple and elegant design. Made from oil-treated leather that will give years and years of service. The pronounced grain is ...

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  • Mila | Large Satchel with Cross-Body Strap - ChicSparrow

    Mila | Large Satchel with Cross-Body Strap


    A simple, functional bag design. The Mila is a large zippered tote free of internal pockets, complete with an adjustable crossbody shoulder stra...

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  • Anna | Cross-Body - ChicSparrow

    Anna | Cross-Body


    The Anna is a pouch design bag whose simplicity employs both functionality and rugged good looks. The interior of the bag is lined with leather ...

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  • Elena | Messenger - ChicSparrow

    Elena | Messenger


    These full-grain leather bags may have notable surface markings. If you like unique leather character and variation, Austen is for you! This s...

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  • Kate | Large Zippered Tote with Cross Body Strap - ChicSparrow
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    Kate | Large Zippered Tote with Cross Body Strap

    Original price 383.00
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    The classic design of the Kate tote offers timeless versatility. The two strap options make it easy to carry on the go. Keep that chaos in order w...

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  • Lucy - ChicSparrow

    Lucy | Hobo Shoulder Bag


    You will love using this bag, it holds a lot and tucks close to the body. The interior of the bag is lined with up-cycled fabric and features a ...

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  • Lara Lee | Two way Strap - ChicSparrow
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    Lara Lee | Two way Strap

    Original price 187.00
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    If you loved the Lara bag,  meet her sister, Lara Lee is the perfect balance between function and form. The lined interior pockets make carrying...

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  • Anna | Ophelia | Cross-Body - ChicSparrow

    Anna | Ophelia | Cross-Body


    The Anna pouch offers both style and functionality, with a leather-lined interior and secure zip closure. The adjustable, leather, stitched cros...

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